1. Spurred on by the advent of the Internet and the persistence of Social Media, the concept that compelling visual content is the currency of the future.


2. The transition in modern society from verbal language to image based communication.

3. A societal shift in cognition from text to imagery, empowering people across the globe to better share emotion and experience.

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Why Editor’s Edge?

Editor’s Edge exists because it’s tough to manage social media, produce a photo shoot and buy office supplies when all you really want to do is make great work. With just eight seconds to grab a person’s attention (or, slightly less than that of a goldfish), creating Compelling Visual Content is the only way to stand out in an over-saturated market.

How-to with Editor’s Edge.

Working with Editor’s Edge, you will be in the experienced hands of qualified creative experts. Founded by Kristi Drago-Price, a veteran of the corporate editorial world and a sole-entrepreneur herself, Editor’s Edge is built on the importance of having the right branded content in the right place at the right moment.

Collaborating one-on-one with a practiced professional, you will be guided through the process of refining your brand's vision, curating a message and body of work that represents your brand all while staying true to your artistic style

Do more with Editor’s Edge

You should focus on the work you love...and leave the rest to us. Editor’s Edge offers a range of creative resources to help you produce visual and written content to elevate your brand. From photo art direction to portfolio curation to digital marketing materials, Editor’s Edge creates and curates content across all channels to show the breadth of your brand while consistently upholding its core beliefs and signature style.


Taking the first step can be daunting but Editor's Edge is here to get you through the turbulence!

“How do you make your brand, your images, your content make the viewer feel something in three seconds or less so they stay engaged?”

- Kristi Drago-Price

Founder, Editor's Edge