Twice a month creative coaching calls keep you on track (ahem, accountable) to those creative goals so you can work ON your brand and not just IN it.

  • HOW:  Each call we will define the client's wins, concerns, Editor's Edge suggestions and an Action Plan due by the next session.

  • YES: Sessions are customized to your specific needs, an example of services may include (but are not limited to): goal setting,  road map creation, accountability, content consulting & critiques, art direction, branding & marketing, team leading & business advice, moral support and virtual high fives!

  • HEADS UP: Because Rome wasn't but in a day, there is an initial two-month commitment after which client's roll over to a month to month option. Note: We suggest adding in an extra third month at the time of the original contract to secure priority on the Editor's Edge Calendar. (again...Rome wasn't built in four hours)

  •  NITTY GRITTY: Clients are responsible to self-schedule session appointments via the Editor's Edge online availability calendar. Payments are made at the beginning of each month. 

starting - $600 per month*

*Additional time billed at $300 per hour in 15 minute increments