+ What exactly is content?

  • Content is photos, illustrations, graphic design, .GIFs, videos, memes, infographics, screen shots, pull quotes, sidebars, flowcharts, lists and any other custom elements used to communicate a brand's story, convey an emotion, and connect directly with a potential client.

+ Okay, so what is content consulting?

  • Content Consulting is the process of breaking down a brand to identify their best work, discover a visual / written voice and curate a portfolio for high impact with consumers across digital, print and social media channels.

+ How do I get started with Editor’s Edge?

+ Can I just book creative resources?

  • First things first, we require everyone to have a consultation with Editor’s Edge before accessing the Creative Resources. Even the best mechanic has to check under the hood before getting to work, am I right?

+ Can I send you my work to edit (color-correction, post-production, etc.)?

  • Nope, sorry! However, we’d be more than happy to talk about how to best edit your images to create a cohesive and distinctive body of work.

+ What about with the 3C, are you going to fully curate all my work then?

  • Not exactly. Editor’s Edge curates folders of images to be reviewed on our consult call. Folders include EE_FAVES (best of the best) EE_Selects (good solid images) and the EE_TBD (..uhm we need to talk about this) folder. Editor’s Edge will provide our best recommendations and educate you to be fully equipped with the skills to do it yourself!

Good news, after you’ve completed the 3C, clients can access curation services from our Creative Resources which provides ready to upload image galleries!

  • Clients are required to edit down folders to approximately 100 images. Before you freak out, we promise to walk you through the types of images we want to see for the critique. If you’ve already completed the 1C/3C, we do offer full curation services in our Creative Resources.

+ Can you get me published in a magazine or online blog?

  • We have a ton of insider knowledge on what editors are looking for from our extensive history in the publishing industry that will guide you in the right direction, but there are no guarantees. You’ll take over when it comes to actually submitting but we’ll keep our fingers crossed the entire time!

+ Will you share your Rolodex with me?

  • We can’t exactly do that but we’re happy to connect our clients, colleagues and peers if the work is there and the connection makes sense.

+ What will I receive when we’re done?

  • Besides an amazing new set of skills to take your business to the next level? You’ll receive a copy of your unique Goals & Origins Form, a Consult Form with Editor’s Edge’s action plan, critique notes & insights and a customized worksheet that includes inspiration, advice and phase II recommendations (varies based on individual consultation).

+ What is the ROI on working with Editor’s Edge?

  • You will feel a renewed sense of confidence in your business walking away with a clear understanding of your brand value and offerings. With your newly gained insights you will better understand your work, your client’s thought process and visual content marketing. Past clients have used their new skills to increase leads, reach target markets, reduce website bounce rates, grow social media and be published in top-notch publications, among other successes.


+ Do you do speaking engagements?

+ Can I book you for my upcoming workshop or company event?

  • Yes! Whether it’s a small group of employees or a full auditorium of peers, there’s insight to gain on all levels. Contact us directly with more information about your event.


+ Do you only work with photographers?

  • Nope! We work with everyone across a range of professions – think event planners, stationers, artists, business coaches and more! Photographers do tend to gravitate our way because of our hands-on photography experience, which gives us a direct understanding of their business.

+ Are you exclusive to the wedding industry?

  • Nope! We’ve worked from food & beverage to fashion and pretty much everything in between. It does so happen that, because of our background in the wedding industry, we have a unique perspective of the market that proves to be very beneficial to wedding industry professionals.

+ Isn’t there a conflict of interest here?

  • Absolutely not! Editor’s Edge was born to help professionals critique and curate their work to maximize their potential and we stand by that 100%. Our goal is to help brands find their unique brand voice so they can distinguish themselves in today’s oversaturated market. Everyone’s perfect client is different; let’s work together to help find yours!

+ Is there a contract?

  • There certainly is!

+ Why do I have to sign a confidently agreement?

  • Every contract includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement. We’ll be learning the ins and outs of your business, everything from pricing to profits…to fears and goals…your secrets are safe with us! Likewise, we’ll be sharing trade secrets, trend forecasts and industry insights that we trust wont be divulged to your peers or leveraged into a workshop of your own. We see the best results when the working relationship has mutual respect and an absolute trust.

+ How do you accept payment?

  • All major credits cards will work just fine!

+ Can I split up 3C payments?

  • Nope, sorry! In our experience, clients are more likely to put in an effort and do the work if they pay up-front, in full. Think personal training sessions, just minus the squats.

+ What if I need to reschedule?

  • Life happens, we totally get it. We’re happy to reschedule, without penalty, up to two times so long as you let us know at least three business days in advance. We do dedicate our time fully to clients within our confirmation schedule. If you miss the second rescheduling you will forfeit the Critique and Consult call.