April 2018 Issue

Life has been a whirlwind of new places, faces, and tight airplane spaces lately as I’ve been traveling around the country for a tour of empowering speaking engagements. On the plane, one of my guilty pleasures is highlighting the most commonly used words in the course descriptions. It’s fascinating to discover which terms are trending and which are “so last year.” For example, “thought leader” is by far the new “expert” on the block. Side note: If I ever refer to myself as a thought leader, I give you full permission to b*tch slap me. 

Oh, buzzwords. The words everyone loves to hate but can’t help but use constantly…myself included. As a content creator, buzzwords are a common language I use to stay connected with my audience. They’re shorthand to other people “in the know.” But what if you aren’t exactly “in the (marketing) know?” I’m not oblivious to the smiling and nodding face of a conference attendee pretending they understand all the jargon being thrown around. Which is why I make it a point to define some of the more popular terms in my presentations. Don’t believe me? Drop into one of my engagements and watch me break it down like Grand Master Flash.

At the end of the day (or presentation), there’s no point in throwing around glittering generalities just to sound “in the know.” If the person on the receiving end is clueless to the knowledge you're dropping, then you’ve gone from buzz-worthy to buzzkill, my friends.

PS: Feeling out of “the know?” Take a cue from my other guilty pleasure, Late Night’s Seth Explains Teen Slang and get up to speed.