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F*ck Flattery

F*ck Flattery | Editor's Edge


We’ve all heard it, we all know it…but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. When it comes to flattery, there’s a fine line between love and hate. Sometimes, we blush when our work is imitated. It legitimizes us, validates our creative ideas and propels us forward. “You like me? You really like me!” Other times, we are mother-effing pissed. We think, “B*tch stole my look and no one will know that it was my idea first!” It’s tough to keep things to yourself these days with everything so accessible at the swipe of an iPhone. 

Instead of agonizing over what seems inevitable, think of it as healthy business competition. Just imagine, without Coke there would be no Pepsi, without McDonalds’s no Burger King, without…Backstreet Boys, no *Nsync! Find your idea, bring it to life and share that idea. When it’s been copied, be flattered, enjoy a brief eye roll, and recognize that it’s time to move on to your next big idea!

With every flattering incident, you will be forced to
reflect, reinvent and revive your brand.

There will always be those who want to "flatter" you, and soon you’ll realize that they’re the reason you keep going and working and succeeding.

You are their inspiration and they are your

number #1 motivation. 



Skip Town (And Work) This Summer!

Summer by the pool | Editor's Edge

Counting down the days until June 21st? We feel you! 

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to put the finishing touches on that client project and get the hell outta dodge!  Looking to escape the office in pursuit of an Instagram-enviable summer without sacrificing your business, we’ve got you covered. 

Go take that vacation selfie, we’ll stick around to keep your brand nice and chilled.

While you’re away…

Collecting passport stamps, we’ll curate your Brand's Images: 

Whether it’s for an editorial submission or your website gallery, the right image in the right place at the right time can really take you places. Our Image Curation services will show clients exactly how you can make them smile!


Singing karaoke, we’ll fine-tune your Brand Voice

At a loss for words when writing to clients? You’ll always hit that high note with our Brand Voice Guide, a uniquely crafted guide to define your brand’s written personality and how to use it – including your Auto Responder email. 


Browsing magazines, we’ll be hitting publish on your custom Marketing Materials:

Custom content and clean design keeps marketing materials from looking like cheesy advertising. Our magazine style Brochures and Rate Sheets will give your brand an elevated look and on-point message to keep those pages turning.  


Getting that even summer tan, we’ll smooth out your Brand Style:

Nailing your signature look can be tricky; if your brand is feeling a little “mix and match” our Brand Style Guides, Mood Boards & Custom Logo Design can help you achieve that perfectly consistent glow that will last longer than the summer.


Sippin’ the perfect margarita, we’re available for a phone date:

If you are mixing business and pleasure this summer, keep it short and sweet with a 1C phone consultation. You’ll have answers before you hit the bottom of the guacamole. Uno mas, por favor!


As you head off on your summer vacation, take a quick break, contact us so you can coast right out of the office!


Editor’s Note: Just like putting on sunblock before hitting the pool, some creative services require a 1C toe dip before diving in to your brand work.



engage!14 Grand Cayman


engage!14 Grand Cayman

To say I'm #blessed to be a speaker at the engage!14 Luxury Wedding Business Summit would be a giant understatement.  Created by Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce, engage! is like a big warm hug filled with industry friends..that has become more like a family.  Inspiration, sharing, laughing, learning, dancing, drinking...engaging with one another on a down to earth level...the only way to describe it is REDONKULOUS!

Gifts for the Good Life out did their creativity in the pre-engage care package..yes that is a USB mix tape! - Nothing makes me happier than a bed at the Ritz Carlton..seriously who needs the beach with a thread count like that?! - Beach bag-o-swag..will come in handy next summer when I'm smuggling a cooler of rum punch on to the beach

Jess Levin (aka Jess in the City) the dedicated wizard behind Carats & Cake is quite the multi-tasker - Carley Roneyco-founder of The Knot, and I share a jet-ski and a snorkel..not too nerve wracking - My two favorite princesses...Cinderella and Snow White (Rebecca and Kathryn) start the sessions talking about their balls - Amber Harrison of Wedding Paper Divas and I show off our killer jazz hands. (Jazz Hand Photo: Carla Ten Eyck)

Friends, (Industry) family and selfies everywhere!

Brian Leahy &  Amanda "Newlywish" Allen selfie - the ultimate "surf & turf" dine around - post-snorkel salty selfie - #prompose with my posse

Taking pre-session crowd photos has become a Print Media Panel tradition..I love to look at them after the fact and really see who was in the audience...all those smiling faces make me happy! (..way too many people to tag here..but you know who you are...and I heart you..)

The print media posse: Anja Winikka of The Knot, Erika Hueneke of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Emily Thomas of Southern Weddings Magazine, Kristi Drago-Price of Editor's Edge (aka me), Susan Moynihan of Modern Luxury Brides/South Florida & The Caribbean (and the The Honeymoonist), Angela Desveaux of WedLuxe, Jaimie Schoen of BRIDES magazine, and Shira Savada of Martha Stewart Weddings.

For this go round I gave a crash course on the different types of print media (national vs regional) and gave the dirt on ad pages before going down the line of each editor's needs and moderating Q&A from attendees ...I may have also included a joke on marathon running Anja's toenails...or lack there of... 

photos: Melissa Wolfe

My homegirl of 15 years Melanie Nashan - Beach Blanket Bingo - Weight Watchers I'm nothing with out you...

 Photos By: the fun filled Sarah Natasha

I heart photographers  because we  really  know how to ham it up when the tables are turned...   Dennis Kwan  and I working hard to own the #prompose - In the middle of a handsome photographer/filmmaker sandwich with  Jose Villa  and  Joel Serrato  - A gaggle of photo geeks at The Gala captured by  Rebecca Davidson  - The  incredibly  talented  Carla Ten Eyck  captures my smize for her amazing  portrait project

I heart photographers because we really know how to ham it up when the tables are turned...

Dennis Kwan and I working hard to own the #prompose - In the middle of a handsome photographer/filmmaker sandwich with Jose Villa and Joel Serrato - A gaggle of photo geeks at The Gala captured by Rebecca Davidson - The incredibly talented Carla Ten Eyck captures my smize for her amazing portrait project