Flower photos are filling our newsfeeds which means spring has sprung!


Ahh spring when we realize our “off season” projects have yet to be accomplished and we are about to head into our busy season...d’oh!  Take advantage of the calm before the storm with a little portfolio spring-cleaning. 

No need to bite off more then you can chew...just time to trim off the fat. Take a look back at the visuals you are presenting.  Are there multiple versions of an image over three years old? A venue you no longer wish to collaborate with or a Pinterest trend you can’t bare to stomach one more year? (I’m looking at you Mason jars...) 

Spring clean those suckers and hit delete! 

Don’t worry about replacing the trashed images or revising your whole portfolio now. Less is more and there will be a whole new stock of images to choose from in the next few months.



Inspiration over Imitation

I had the honor of putting on a pair of giant headphones to talk

visual marketing, staying inspired, and keeping wedding clients happy with the B&H Photography Podcast.  

A few points all creatives (not just photographers) will find insightful:

Kristi Drago-Price of Editor's Edge on B&H Podcast

·      Importance of Eye Candy – 5:05

·      Inspiration over Imitation – 7:00

·      What we can all learn from Zappos – 10:00

·      The blonde up-do effect – 13:50

·      John Lennon said it right – 23:10

·      Getting published – 30:28

·      YOLO – 34:29

“As Editor’s Edge, I’m helping people find their style in their work and making themselves proud again of what they are doing” - Kristi Drago-Price

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F*ck Flattery

Editor's Edge, F*ck Flattery

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. We’ve all heard it, we all know it…buuut that doesn’t make it any less annoying. When it comes to flattery, there’s a fine line between love and hate. Sometimes, we blush when our work is imitated. It legitimizes us, validates our creative ideas and propels us forward. “You like me? You really like me!

Other times, we are mother-effing pissed. We think, "That b*tch stole my look and no one will know that it was my idea first!" It's tough to keep thinks to yourself these days with everything so readily accessible at the swipe of an iPhone.

Instead of agonizing over what seems inevitable, think of it as healthy business competition. Just imagine, without Coke there would be no Pepsi, without McDonald's no Burger King, without.....Backstreet Boys no *NSYNC! Find your idea, bring it to life and share that idea. When it's been copied, be flattered, enjoy a brief eye roll, and recognize that it's time to move on to your next big idea!

With every flattering incident, you will be forced to reflect, reinvent and revive your brand.

There will always be those who want to copy flatter you, and soon you'll realize that they're  the reason you keep going and working and succeeding. You are their inspiration and they are your #1 motivation. 




Treat It Like Excercise

Like 4.5 million other people in America, I received a Fitbit over the holidays.  I requested this gift because I realized that when you work from home there is very little commuting on a daily basis - schlepping from your desk to the kitchen does not count.  With the first month of the New Year, and new resolutions, coming to a close I’m proud to say I’ve kept up with my daily (at least 30-minute) walks to Astoria Park. Gazing at the beautiful Manhattan skyline I listen to NPR One (nerd alert), plan out my to-do list, and text random bitmojis to friends to let them know I’m thinking of them.  Sure, 30-minute walks a day isn’t ground breaking...but it is consistent. 

How are you doing a month into the New Year? Was one of your resolutions to give your business an honest assessment - maybe to update your website, refresh the images representing your brand or all those other not-so-fun but necessary tasks?  Are those goals collecting dust on your 2016to-do list?  Most clients come to me in a complete state of overwhelm.  Should I say this? Should I show that? How should we categorize and label? Just tell me what to do!

My advice –treat it like exercise.  If your physical body were in an unhealthy overweight state, you would seek advice and, ideally, hire a personal trainer.  If, on your first meeting with this trainer, you started obsessing over having Michelle Obama arms, they would look you over and gently suggest that you start with some cardio.  Why? Because you need to “Sweat to the Oldies”to drop that weight, and then you can have sculpted FLOTUS arms.  This concept is the same for your other body – your brand’s body of work. 

Just like any goal, don’t get overwhelmed with specifics –start small and aim for consistency. Schedule 30 minutes a day, three times a week to dive into brand imagery from your photo galleries, marketing materials and social media accounts, throwing away anything that doesn’t fit.  In a month’s time I bet you will be feeling lighter, having dropped 5 lbs. of images, and be ready for that sculpt and burn class.

Nerd Alert: Listen to NPR’s Hidden Brain on “Resolutions”

Looking for a personal trainer to whip your brand into shape?  Schedule an intro call with Editor’s Edge and learn how to get visually fit in 2016. 



Are you part of the In-crowd?

During a recent consultation a client expressed his frustrations about not feeling cool enough.  He had been attending high-end parties, networking events, and conferences, all in an effort to “fit into the scene” and be hired by the industry leaders: “My work is just as good...why aren’t they giving me the time of day?...I feel like I’m back in high school!”

The sentiment sounded all too familiar, like a teen movie out of the 80s.  The artistic yet awkward main character pining to go  to the prom with the head cheerleader or be asked out by richest guy at school. 

They wallow, they study the cool clique, they finagle a deal to get closer to their idols.  In the end there were two outcomes; they were ousted and went back to mowing lawns or sewing pink dresses until eventually being accepted by their loves for who they really are...or (better yet) their quirky best friend took off her glasses and realized they had what they wanted in front of them whole time! 

In this visual streaming world it’s easy for our FOMO to get the best of pine after the “in-crowd.”  You may not get invited to the exclusive party, receive a timely response to your email, or be hired by the prom queen because they can’t appreciate who you really are right away....but the person standing next to you at the party does.  The people who recognize and understand you and your work are the ones that will lead to the right job opportunities and cultivating worthwhile relationships. 

It’s easy to look up, but sometimes all you really need to do is look around to find your “in crowd.”



Your barista is not a model

You’ve put in the time, the money, and the resources to produce a styled shoot, so why isn’t it getting picked up for publication?

Well, there are a few answers. Maybe the magazine you submitted it to only uses in-house content, or the blog just featured a story with a similar theme. But there’s also one very common reason your styled shoot didn’t get picked up that the editors might not be telling you: The model sucked.

A pretty face (that you discovered behind the counter of your favorite coffee shop) does not a model make! In fact, some of the best models--the ones who truly know how to work the camera naturally--are rather ordinary-looking in real life. If Kate Moss worked at the Starbucks down the street, I bet you wouldn’t even notice her… unless she was smoking indoors and drinking champagne on the job!

Don’t let your creativity and hard work go unseen because of an overly-posed beauty queen in a wedding dress. Take the time to hold a casting, involve your team in the selection process, hire someone who fits the style and mood of your shoot, and invest just as much in the model as you would on that spectacular flower wall. 



Spring Clean Your Portfolio

Cherry blossom pictures are filling our newsfeed means spring has finally sprung!

Ah, Spring when sunshine warms us, flowers bloom and we realize our “off season” projects haven’t yet been accomplished as we head into our busy season…crap! Take advantage of the calm before the storm with some portfolio spring-cleaning.

No need to bite off more then you can chew...just time to trim off the fat.  Review the visuals you are presenting.  Are there multiple versions of an image that’s over three years old? A venue you no longer wish to collaborate with or a Pinterest trend you can’t bare to stomach?  Spring clean those suckers and hit delete!  

Don’t worry about replacing the trashed images or revising your whole portfolio right now.  Less is more and you’ll have a whole new stock of images to choose in the next few months.