You’ve put in the time, the money, and the resources to produce a styled shoot, so why isn’t it getting picked up for publication?

Well, there are a few answers. Maybe the magazine you submitted it to only uses in-house content, or the blog just featured a story with a similar theme. But there’s also one very common reason your styled shoot didn’t get picked up that the editors might not be telling you: The model sucked.

A pretty face (that you discovered behind the counter of your favorite coffee shop) does not a model make! In fact, some of the best models--the ones who truly know how to work the camera naturally--are rather ordinary-looking in real life. If Kate Moss worked at the Starbucks down the street, I bet you wouldn’t even notice her… unless she was smoking indoors and drinking champagne on the job!

Don’t let your creativity and hard work go unseen because of an overly-posed beauty queen in a wedding dress. Take the time to hold a casting, involve your team in the selection process, hire someone who fits the style and mood of your shoot, and invest just as much in the model as you would on that spectacular flower wall.