Like 4.5 million other people in America, I received a Fitbit over the holidays.  I requested this gift because I realized that when you work from home there is very little commuting on a daily basis - schlepping from your desk to the kitchen does not count.  With the first month of the New Year, and new resolutions, coming to a close I’m proud to say I’ve kept up with my daily (at least 30-minute) walks to Astoria Park. Gazing at the beautiful Manhattan skyline I listen to NPR One (nerd alert), plan out my to-do list, and text random bitmojis to friends to let them know I’m thinking of them.  Sure, 30-minute walks a day isn’t ground breaking...but it is consistent. 

How are you doing a month into the New Year? Was one of your resolutions to give your business an honest assessment - maybe to update your website, refresh the images representing your brand or all those other not-so-fun but necessary tasks?  Are those goals collecting dust on your 2016to-do list?  Most clients come to me in a complete state of overwhelm.  Should I say this? Should I show that? How should we categorize and label? Just tell me what to do!

My advice –treat it like exercise.  If your physical body were in an unhealthy overweight state, you would seek advice and, ideally, hire a personal trainer.  If, on your first meeting with this trainer, you started obsessing over having Michelle Obama arms, they would look you over and gently suggest that you start with some cardio.  Why? Because you need to “Sweat to the Oldies”to drop that weight, and then you can have sculpted FLOTUS arms.  This concept is the same for your other body – your brand’s body of work. 

Just like any goal, don’t get overwhelmed with specifics –start small and aim for consistency. Schedule 30 minutes a day, three times a week to dive into brand imagery from your photo galleries, marketing materials and social media accounts, throwing away anything that doesn’t fit.  In a month’s time I bet you will be feeling lighter, having dropped 5 lbs. of images, and be ready for that sculpt and burn class.

Nerd Alert: Listen to NPR’s Hidden Brain on “Resolutions”

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