I had the honor of putting on a pair of giant headphones to talk

visual marketing, staying inspired, and keeping wedding clients happy with the B&H Photography Podcast.  

A few points all creatives (not just photographers) will find insightful:

Kristi Drago-Price of Editor's Edge on B&H Podcast

·      Importance of Eye Candy – 5:05

·      Inspiration over Imitation – 7:00

·      What we can all learn from Zappos – 10:00

·      The blonde up-do effect – 13:50

·      John Lennon said it right – 23:10

·      Getting published – 30:28

·      YOLO – 34:29

“As Editor’s Edge, I’m helping people find their style in their work and making themselves proud again of what they are doing” - Kristi Drago-Price

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