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"When you're married to your work its hard to step back. I needed a visual expert, someone not related to me, to cut thru the niceties and tell the beautiful story of my client relationships and the work. 

Creating a new look requires not giving in to status quo. I needed a completely new feel to my work that not only was mine but reflected my unique talents in a way the bride of today sees the world.

Editor’s Edge allowed me to trust the instinct of our discussion and implement our decisions. I truly have a web site I’m proud of and showcase my best work."

-Michael Bennett Kress


Client Goals:

  • Define trademark style – visually & verbally
  • Reach the modern day client
  • Rebrand website & marketing materials 


  • Visual Direction
  • Gallery Curation
  • Project Management
  • Website Build
  • Art Direction -Marketing Materials