project based rates - proposals available upon request

Squarespace Web Build + Content & Creative Direction: 

Editor's Edge develops, designs and builds Squarespace website incorporating the brand's style, message, and user experience; additionally providing creative direction on the visual and written content submitted by the client.* (VIEW sample)

$6,000 - $8,000*

*NOTE: Curation of image galleries, custom copywriting and SEO are available additionally. (a la carte $300 - $3,000)

Custom proposals available upon request.

Content Consulting & Creative Direction: 

Similar in style to creative coaching,  Editor's Edge focuses on a client-specific project advising on their visual and written content, providing strategy and creative direction on style/voice/design executed by the client's internal staff or externally hired team.  (VIEW case studies)

$1,200 - $3,600

Photo Shoot Art Direction + Production:

With an array of expertise in photo art direction, Editor's Edge is available to direct from concept to execution to create visual content that tells your brand story in a memorable way. Beyond the creative, our experienced professionals are skilled in managing budgets, logistics and deadlines as needed.  Available on-site or remotely, via phone, wherever you’re shooting. 

$1,600 starting