Step 1: 

60 minute CAPTURE call to dive into your goals & origins form, examine the current state of your business and create an Action Plan together.

  • Action Plan = email recapping our customized plan of attack relating to the content that will be critiqued & the content items the client will be providing.

  • Content Examples = branding, website, marketing materials, Instagram account, visual content, written content and/or answers to customized questions from Editor’s Edge.

  • YES: Action Plan includes links to shared Dropbox folder to upload content and online scheduler to book your review CONSULT call.

  • HEADS UP: Content is due three days before your scheduled consult call.

Step 2: 

60 minutes of CRITIQUE by Editor’s Edge of your submitted content plus a customized consultation form including critique notes/finding and next steps.

  •  YES: You approve any possible overtime before it occurs. Ex: If you request a large amount of content to be critiqued, we will inform you on what is feasible in the allotted time and/or if you would like to add additional time to the critique.  Editor’s Edge is big on communication!

  • HEADS UP: Critiques are completed by Editor’s Edge without the client present.

Step 3:

60 minute CONSULT call discussing your consultation form, submitted content, the findings (good and bad) of your critique, tips, tricks, insights and answers to your questions.

  • YES: Based on the findings from the completed 3C, your bandwidth and individual needs Editor's Edge will develop a Phase II roadmap to continue attaining your goals.

  • HEADS UP: You will need to have access to a computer and dropbox folders during the consult call. 


starting - $875*

*Additional time billed at $300 per hour in 15 minute increments