August 2018 Issue



1. The idea that one can have a fun-filled summer and also get work done without sacrificing one for the other.

2. A mythical concept that humans are trying to prove exists.

(see also: balancing act)

If work/life balance exists, where can I find it? I’m attempting to solve that mystery so I don’t spend the last weeks of summer somewhere between a state of overwhelm and a FOMO-induced sadness. There has to be a way to fit in client calls, an occasional “drink-nic” on the beach, concept a new presentation, post some witty Instagram stories, and tackle a mother-jumpin’ Disney vacation with the family without losing my mind, right…right? 😳

Oh the internal struggle of the business owner: knowing when to make things happen (read: hustle hard) and when to just let things happen (read: go with the flow). We tend not to hit that precious out of office reply without feeling a little (or a lot) guilty. Repeat after me, “I deserve a vacation, I deserve a vacation…” I caaan’t hear youuuu! 

So how does one keep the business in motion without sacrificing that hard-earned R&R? It’s all about setting yourself up for pre-vacation victory. Think proactively to sketch out a game plan, stick to those dang deadlines and definitely communicate to your team (and clients) that you are seriously OOO.  Okay fine, I might still check my phone in line for Space Mountain, but I’m going to try my damnedest to “Let It Go” while keeping the hustle alive this summer. 

I call that work/summer balance!


PS - What’s your biggest concern with hitting that Out of Office response?

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