April 2019 Issue

Spring is getting ready to be sprung, and with it comes the urge to get 💩 done.  

I was an early adopter of Marie Kondo’s purging method, having listened to her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up long before her Netflix fame. (Yes, thanking undergarments for their service is a bit much, but her origami folding technique was a game-changer for my plethora of striped shirts!) Recently, I’ve used her catchphrase quite a bit in response to the “Is this” line of questioning I tend to get during one-on-one consults or post-speaking presentations: “Is this copy too long?” “Is this brand style too vanilla?” “Is this too many images for a gallery?” “Is the content my assistant posts on brand?” 

My reply - “does it spark joy?” 

When I say “joy,” I don’t necessarily mean jumping up and down in over-the-top excitement like a coked-out Tigger. Joy means different things to different people (little known fact: it’s my middle name) and it doesn’t always spring up like a dancing daisy. Whether it’s giddy enthusiasm or simply not wanting to throw up in your mouth, having something “spark joy” means that it’s worth holding on to because deep down, it feels right. 

Spring is the perfect time to examine the clutter in our business, brand, or life, and ask what truly sparks joy and what doesn’t. Forget what social media dictates, forget what your competition is doing, and forget about being the friendly boss. If it doesn’t ignite a touch of joy or evolve you toward your ideal future, thank it for its service and send it on its way. 

Is your brand's closet stuffed to the gills? In this month’s feature, we roll up our sleeves to curate using the KonMari method! Anxiously watching the countdown clock (and your inbox)? Let’s Netflix and clean together now in a complimentary consult. Whether it's a little tidying up or an all-out binge, we'll get your brand lit. 

P.S. – I often hear “yours are one few emails I actually read” (blushing) I spoke with Kimberly and Annie of This Week in Weddings to tell it like it is in the podcast: Emails That Keep People from Unsubscribingso if you know someone who wants to avoid snooze-letters altogether, pass along this month’s LFTE.

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