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You're Moving Fast, But Are You Moving Forward?


You're Moving Fast, But Are You Moving Forward?

photo: Peter Lindbergh

photo: Peter Lindbergh


You're Moving Fast, But Are You Moving Forward?

Looming deadlines. Uninspiring projects. It’s hard to stay upright against autumn’s blustery winds. And even easier to lose sight of the big picture while your spinning in circles during this busy season. This month, Editor’s Edge challenges you to ask all the right questions to get your business moving in the right direction. Fret not, we’ll provide the guidance to elevate your brand and stand against the odds. Your flyaways will be tamed in no time!



From athleisure to see-through silhouettes to sexy sleeves, these Fall 2019 fashion shows strutted their way into our stylish hearts.

🙌 to, Editor’s Edge client, Syed Yaqeen for braving the photo pit.

Theia   photo: Syed Yaqeen

photo: Syed Yaqeen

Inbal Dror   photo: Syed Yaqeen

Inbal Dror
photo: Syed Yaqeen

Kelly Faetanini   photo: Editor’s Edge

Kelly Faetanini
photo: Editor’s Edge


Jenna Bush Hager embraces her twin sister Barbara. photo:  Paul Morse

Jenna Bush Hager embraces her twin sister Barbara. photo: Paul Morse


Paul Morse, what brought you to the Edge?

“Trust! My work is based on it. Simply defined as the firm belief in someone's ability, trust is an experience I share with my subjects, clients and any creative team I am a member of. From weddings to memorial services, it is an honor to continually be trusted by the Bush family to capture their family's life events. In turn, I continually trust Editor’s Edge to pinpoint the best in my 17 yrs of commercial and wedding work to spotlight and clarify my vision."


Image 1.jpg

An ironic thing happened this summer. Back in August, I attempted some work/life balance with a family vacay to Disney World. (Which we all know is a lot more work than…actual work!) While we were there, I took my son on the Carousel of Progress. 

photo: Thomas Whiteside

photo: Thomas Whiteside




Oh what a night! Amy Shey Jacobs, of Chandelier Events, took the wedding industry on a loving trip around the world…and a rotating platform for the ultimate 360 video selfie. Just call us “Chandelier’s Angels!”

🙌 to The Knot team and all their talented collaborators.




Next month, Editor’s Edge is guiding you to the 7 Signs to Know You’re Ready to Take it to the Next Level. 

Stay tuned…you’ll be “thankful” you did!

Can’t wait?!
Want to level up now?




Should I Stay...

photo: Josh Olins

photo: Josh Olins


Out with the old, in with the new.

That’s so 2017. Last year had its ups and downs but now it’s time to go full speed ahead into 2018! Did you take a time out in December to reflect on your successes (and learn from your f*ck ups)? Then let’s rock ‘n’ roll because you’re about to kick this year in the a**.

What’s our game plan? 

Kicking out the old, embracing the new and
stepping into 2018 with some swagger!

Let us help get
your brand in formation



KICK IT:  First things first, let’s get the ball rolling! It can feel overwhelming to find a starting point but don’t let that paralyze you.

EMBRACE IT: Let the questions guide you. If you’re wondering whether your work is attracting the right clients or your Instagram needs a facelift ask the opinions of those you trust.

STEP IN: Did you find some clarity? Now it’s time to really refine it to drive change this year. Our 1C Consult can get you to that aha moment with some real talk constructive criticism that’ll empower you to get into action (like, now).



KICK IT:  Vision boards are cute but ditch them for a more intentional Brand Mood Board this year. Honestly, pasting a picture of Kit Harrington on your wall isn’t getting you any closer to that Game of Bones anyway. 

EMBRACE IT:  Start with what gives you and your ideal clients the feels and go from there. Research for color palettes that you like, inspirational images (Pinterest is a rabbit hole of redundancy so look for eye candy outside of your field) and photos from your real work that remind you why you’re a rockstar. 

STEP IN:  Are you seeing a common thread come together? Ding-ding, your brand is getting it’s groove on, visually. Our Brand Style Services take it a step further by curating your brand’s Signature images, identifying inspirational images that craft a visual representation of your ideal client and tying those together with a complementary color palette and typeface guide. No more mix and match style branding!



KICK IT: Quit the small talk. It’s time to figure out what you’re really trying to say instead of skirting the issue. No more Mr. Ambiguous Guy (or Gal).

EMBRACE IT: There’s no time to waste, you’ve got to talk the talk to walk the walk with your ideal client. We’re not saying you have to be an a-hole but there’s no use in trying to please everyone. Besides, you’ll be much happier when you can speak freely.

STEP IN: Cut through the chitchat and strike up a real conversation with your target client. Our Brand Voice Guide helps you use your words and find your message in a way that your perfect client understands. Bonus, for those who hate bragging about themselves, we can write up a bio that would make your frenemies jealous.



KICK IT: If you’re still slinging the same old marketing materials from Y2K, do the planet a favor and recycle them…now. With the way clients are absorbing informationand making purchasing decisions these days, it’s time to upgrade.

EMBRACE IT: “Curated Content” – it’s the buzzword that isn’t going anywhere. From tailored brochures to streamlined proposal templates, the branded content you put together is what’s going to power your business. 

STEP IN: Your marketing materials need to be pulling double duty – communicating your brand visually and delivering important information (i.e. how much you need to get paid) quickly to your client. With our Custom Marketing Materials we brainstorm together to figure out how to break down your services into easily digestible concepts, turn them into branded assets (think digital brochures, pricing pamphlets and client onboarding documents) and deliver them with a ribbon on top (ribbon by request only). No more long-winded, over-stuffed BS – just your brand message, clear, simple and easy to book.



KICK IT: New Year, new you. We know; we’ve been there. But seriously, it’s time to kick the procrastinating once and for all. 

EMBRACE IT: Bust out the pen and paper because the tried and true solution for this one is goal setting. You have to take the time to establish priorities and how to game plan where you should be going. 

STEP IN: Truth be told, going at it alone as solo entrepreneur makes this particularly challenging but not impossible. Cue Creative Coaching! Bi-monthly consult calls help keep you on track (ahem, accountable) to those creative goals so you can work ON your brand and not just IN it. 


We’ve heard that parting is such sweet sorrow but there are some things worth saying goodbye to.


If you’re ready to kick it,
Editor’s Edge can get you
steppin’ in to the New Year!