photo: Peter Lindbergh

photo: Peter Lindbergh


You're Moving Fast, But Are You Moving Forward?

Looming deadlines. Uninspiring projects. It’s hard to stay upright against autumn’s blustery winds. And even easier to lose sight of the big picture while your spinning in circles during this busy season. This month, Editor’s Edge challenges you to ask all the right questions to get your business moving in the right direction. Fret not, we’ll provide the guidance to elevate your brand and stand against the odds. Your flyaways will be tamed in no time!



From athleisure to see-through silhouettes to sexy sleeves, these Fall 2019 fashion shows strutted their way into our stylish hearts.

🙌 to, Editor’s Edge client, Syed Yaqeen for braving the photo pit.

Theia   photo: Syed Yaqeen

photo: Syed Yaqeen

Inbal Dror   photo: Syed Yaqeen

Inbal Dror
photo: Syed Yaqeen

Kelly Faetanini   photo: Editor’s Edge

Kelly Faetanini
photo: Editor’s Edge


Jenna Bush Hager embraces her twin sister Barbara. photo:  Paul Morse

Jenna Bush Hager embraces her twin sister Barbara. photo: Paul Morse


Paul Morse, what brought you to the Edge?

“Trust! My work is based on it. Simply defined as the firm belief in someone's ability, trust is an experience I share with my subjects, clients and any creative team I am a member of. From weddings to memorial services, it is an honor to continually be trusted by the Bush family to capture their family's life events. In turn, I continually trust Editor’s Edge to pinpoint the best in my 17 yrs of commercial and wedding work to spotlight and clarify my vision."


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An ironic thing happened this summer. Back in August, I attempted some work/life balance with a family vacay to Disney World. (Which we all know is a lot more work than…actual work!) While we were there, I took my son on the Carousel of Progress. 

photo: Thomas Whiteside

photo: Thomas Whiteside




Oh what a night! Amy Shey Jacobs, of Chandelier Events, took the wedding industry on a loving trip around the world…and a rotating platform for the ultimate 360 video selfie. Just call us “Chandelier’s Angels!”

🙌 to The Knot team and all their talented collaborators.




Next month, Editor’s Edge is guiding you to the 7 Signs to Know You’re Ready to Take it to the Next Level. 

Stay tuned…you’ll be “thankful” you did!

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