November 2018 Issue

High five, you did it! You kept all hands and arms inside the vehicle during the whirlwind of the busy seasonIt was quite the carousel ride — you laughed, you cried and most importantly — you kept yourself from hurling when a client came back with one more not so “minor” tweak on a project. But it’s time to get up from the couch, down a greasy egg sandwich and shake off that work hangover.

Why? Because we are now entering that strange lull between a peak and off-peak period aka “the entrepreneur shoulder season.” That small but mighty window before the frenzy of “use it or lose it” corporate gigs (ideally) come in, your Etsy store is (hopefully) flooded with holiday rush orders or (fingers crossed) your inbox gets slammed with engagement season inquiries for 2019.

OK so maybe you had resolutions of a 2018 overhaul that are still…unresolved. No judgments! I have complete faith 2019 is the year your revamp becomes a reality. (We’ve got your blueprints waiting for you.) However, that doesn’t mean you should go back to researching Thanksgiving side dishes, you’ve got judgmental guests on their way and your snooze-fest of a brand is covered in dust! 

Don’t freak. There’s still time for tweaks!  When? Now! “Now is the time, now is the best time. Be it a time of joy or strife.” 🎶 You can still progress your carousel with small, but powerful, adjustments that will make your business stand out as the holiday season rolls in. 

How? …with a quick and dirty white glove treatment for your brand.  Let's cut those stale services you should no longer be serving, hide the outdated imagery in the closet, and spruce up your inquiry response with content that connects.  

Give us an hour and we'll have your brand shining like the top of Chrysler building in no time!

PS — Grab your phone and a cocktail, then tune into @gokaleigh on IGTV where @editors-edge will be dishing out “3 Branding Basics to Avoid Being Basic" 
Mark your calendars • 11/29 • 9 pm EST / 8 pm CST 🍸