December 2018 Issue

Yesterday....all my troubles seemed so faaaaar awaaaaay. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh, I believe in SCRAAAATCH… Sorry Paul, you’re obviously the cutest Beatle, but I'm leaving yesterday in the past like an old mix tape.

In this past year, I’ve taken you all from breaking up with previous careers to breaking down buzzwords. From questioning the love of being a business owner to questioning the “in-crowd.” I went from spilling the confessions of a big fish to spilling the confessions of not managing a team, and from sharing embarrassing feedback stories to sharing comical stories from a carousel. I told you about doing my best to get out of the office, to telling you about doing my best to get my 🍑 back to class. All the while, making tweaks while trying not to freak.

And juuuust when I felt like making my Letter from the Editor series a thing of the past, you, my kickass readers, would thoughtfully write back saying it's one of the few emails you don't unsubscribe from. Like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes bigger with each positive note you guys wrote back, please keep them coming!

My point is, I’ve shared and learned a lot from my yesterdays of this past year. As we head into December, I challenge us (you AND me) not to stare at all the daunting lists (project deliveries, holiday shopping, unresolved resolutions) on our desks with resentment. What if we let go of yesterday’s "to-dos" that fizzled into "didn'ts?" What if we stopped beating ourselves up and instead took satisfaction in keeping our business afloat another year?! Let’s sprinkle a little holiday magic, give ourselves a much-needed fist bump, and change our perspective for the remainder of 2018. Let’s reframe December as the on-deck circle, the green room… the staging area to 2019!

First, put down your phone, have a holiday drink (or two,) and restore your spirit with family and friends. Then, question if you’re where you want to be with (and within) your business. Start imagining what types of changes (major or minor) you want and your business needs. If your vision is feeling a little foggy, don’t panic! I’ve got a San Pellegrino for you and will escort you to the main stage. Together we’ll prepare your 2019 "bite the bullet" list clearing the corridor towards your great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

PS — Editor’s Edge is setting the stage for winter, our busiest time of year! If you’re interested in joining our cast of clients in 2019, schedule your 30 min complimentary consult call now, before seats are sold out.