September 2019 Issue

January may get all the hype, but September will always feel like the New Year to me. Probably because teachers surround me; my father, my sister, my husband and in-laws are all teachers. (I like to consider myself an educator as well...just swap out book bags for swag bags.) Don't get me wrong I had a great summer of improving my work-life balance skills.  (Read: Teacher husband and school-age children invading my home office balanced with sipping cocktails with my toes in the sand.But, September is time to fold up the beach umbrella and for the "keep the boat afloat" mentality to transition to the "back to school" mindset.  (Read: Research, reevaluate and reorganize.)   

We all have high school memories; some good, some bad and some most likely mortifying. When I look back, I am amazed at how organized and productive our days were.  A class schedule, neon Trapper Keeper, and a ringing bell kept all of us (ok most of us) in line for fear of detention. Now we half-sit at our scattered desks while notification bells never stop ringing on our phones. Instead of focusing on a single subject, our concentration is pulled in a million different directions.  We hop from our gym class to emailing clients to posting a poll on Instagram Stories all within the same 45-minute period. 

As I get my 🍑 back to class this semester, I took a page from my teacher squad’s book by creating a syllabus to success. (Read: Kickin it old school with a killer time blocking schedule and a smart-ass roster of batch tasking courses to fill it in with)  Let us not forget what was once called algebra we now call balancing our QuickBooks. 

I know running all aspects of a business (especially marketing yourself) can feel just as mortifying as high school. I also know you're an A+ student with a gold star drive, so I’m gonna be that cool chick in class and let you copy from my notebook.

Pass your pop quiz and download my kickass Class Schedule and Course Roster that will have you “Rollin with the Homies” to the head of the class. Cher Horowitz would be so proud!

PS – We have the cliffs notes to help you cram for that final A with a list of timesaving hacks you can’t live without. Check your inbox (and sadly spam folders) for the Editor’s Edge monthly feature ringing in later this month.