October 2019 Issue

You know that part of a horror movie when you hear the slow, chill-inducing creeeeak of an opening door? No one is quite sure what's coming next, then BOOM! Things start gettin' crazy, and everyone freaks the eff out. Well, that is what October feels like to me, and I’m suspecting a lot of you.  

One minute we’re all having a beautiful, carefree summer at the lake house, and next thing we know, it’s mother-jumping October – the start of Q4 and almost the end of the year! We start becoming possessed by evil thoughts, or we question if our businesses were built on cursed burial grounds. They're heeeere, the undeniable sense of fear and panic. 

Where does it come from? Why do we feel like this? 

My guess is it stems from doubting previous choices, the uncertainty of the future,  or the overwhelm of moving fast, but not necessarily forward.   So, how does one keep their head from doing a full 360 to fight off fear and become a horror movie hero?  

We have two options. We can say F– F*ck E–Everything A–And R– Run, or we can F– Face E–Everything A–And R– Rise (I wish I could take credit for that, but I saw it on a sidewalk chalkboard.) 

Here's the thing, October shivers are signs that it’s time to consider changes, refocus, and start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Embrace your fear and use it to keep pushing forward. 

Or, as I classily like to say; "You’re not growing as a person unless you put yourself in a situation where you want to 💩 and 🤮 at the same time!"  So, go grab the nearest blunt object, jump out of hiding, and face the October fright like the vampire slayer I know you are!

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