photo: Kristian Schuller

photo: Kristian Schuller


Ready to take charge of the fall semester before the bell rings?

It's almost the 4th quarter, which means we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed and time-crunched to get it all done before the bell rings on 2019. Feeling like you need to cram but can’t seem to get your jam together We get it! But don’t worry, as part of the Editor’s Edge squad, we’re slipping you out notes with all the insider tricks to master your workflow and slay your end of the year business goals.

Get ready for that final A; you’re going straight to the head of the class!




If you’re trying to meet up with clients (and friends), let Acuity Scheduling do the hard work. Set your schedule and let others coordinate a time that works best for them - no more back & forth planning e-mails clogging your in-box. Want to see Acuity in action? Get yourself on the Editor’s Edge “Let’s Connect” calendar for a complimentary 30-minute consult!


Stop getting distracted by the latest J.Crew sale and get your assigned reading in order! Sanebox trains and sorts your emails into custom folders so you can easily find what’s worth your time…like the recent Letter from the Editor!


For the to-do list enthusiast, Trello will make sure you and your team are on the same page. Outline & assign tasks (with deadlines) and keep tabs on who’s doing what – you’ll feel SO satisfied as you check off every little box.


Are random folders of random images wallpapering your desktop? From viewing to categorizing, Photo Mechanic is a game-changer for all creative business owners to get your visuals in order. Just think how much time you’ll save gathering your images to submit to Editor’s Edge for curation!


Trying to get your social life in check this year? Here’s one of our little secrets for managing your Instagram with ease. Planoly lets you layout and schedules your posts in advance, so you never have to worry about having the right image at the right time. Whether you're feeling uninspired or have posting insecurity, reach out, we always have Editor's Edge advice that will make you shine online! 

Time may not feel like it’s on your side, but we are! 

So don't feel like you have to do it all alone. Thankfully, unlike high school, Editors Edge is a judgment-free zone with a book of gold stars to hand out to all of our creative friends. Pass us a note, and we'll get you to the head of the class with compelling imagery, a clear brand voice and most importantly attracting new clients for 2020.

Office Hours are Now Open!

PS -  Hey, you! Yeah, you - the one half-sitting at your scattered desk while notification bells never stop ringing on your phone. We see you, hopping from gym class to emailing clients to posting a poll on Insta-stories all within the same 45-minute period.  It's time to starve your distractions and feed your focus.  How? DOWNLOAD our killer time blocking schedule and roster of batch tasking ideas to keep you on track. You'll be filled to the gills with focus in no time!