photo: Inge Morath

photo: Inge Morath


Put on a brave face, it’s time to bloom.

Looks like we May-de it! Flowers are blooming, cherry trees blossoming, and everything is becoming its colorful self. It's the perfect time to close the laptop, go outdoors and show your colors with a little networking. 

*SCCRRRAAATCH* Did you say networking? 🙈 

Yes. Yes, we did. It’s easy to view networking as awkwardly standing in the middle of a big stage, drink in one hand, cocktail plate in the other, as uncomfortable as the Spanx you’re wearing. While we can’t speak for the Spanx, we sure can help you loosen up, let it all hang out, and meet new faces with the following tips.

7 Tips to 

Slay Networking

1. Like, Comment, Share

Social networking is still networking, and building online rapports with insightful industry professionals (whom you genuinely find interesting) makes it easier to break the ice in person. Comment, share, join groups, and have meaningful, positive discussions (don’t just “like” everything you see, you wouldn’t go to a cocktail party and silently thumbs-up everyone, would you?) 

2. A (Unique) Gift Goes a Long Way 

Everyone loves a ‘lil somthin’ extra, but there’s a difference between a standout gift and office clutter. Skip the overplayed champagne and macaroons for a unique gift that gives a little character association. For example, if you’re from New Orleans, send king cakes at Mardi Gras, or if you’re from Brazil, send a Caipirinha cocktail mixer (yes, we legit concepted these noteworthy instagram-able gifts with our coaching clients 👀)

3. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse 

Before jumping right into a networking solo on Broadway, first start with a little community theater to converse and rehearse at your different comfort levels. Attend local cocktail hour mixers, move on to one-day workshops, and once you’ve taken enough steps to build up your confidence, larger-scale multi-day getaways. The goal is to gradually build up your confidence to slay at any event. 

4. Knock Gently 

If you’ve ever experienced someone aggressively vying for your attention (ahem, small children) then you know how annoying it can get. There’s a difference between being a nuisance, and dropping subtle reminders that you’re there and interested in connecting. Knock gently on their door versus pounding it down- you’re more likely to be let in and met with a smile. 

5. Add Value to Their Time

“Let’s do lunch” is a bit cliché, and it’s not always easy to work lunch into a busy schedule. Try making a one-on-one a little sweeter by asking them to join in on something that’s of common interest. If you’re both into exercise, opt for a spin class, or if you’re art lovers, head to a new gallery show. Not only will enriching their time outside of “doing lunch” make you stand out, but they’ll be more willing to pencil you in.     

6. Different Strokes for Different Folks 

You and your brand both have a distinct voice and style, and this is also true for networking. If you’re a Type- A foodie, organize an industry dinner party at a local hotspot. If you’re a Type-B traveler, go on an impromptu trip and meet up with conference connections you made. If you're an introvert, have a coworking date at Starbucks with your friendor (friend/vendor.) Bottom line, find the type of networking style that best works for you. 

7. You Do You 

It can be easy to water yourself down trying to rub elbows with the "in-crowd" but don’t trade your authenticity for approval. Remember to be genuine and other like-minded, interesting people will naturally flock. Who knows? The "in-crowd" may just end up being you.

Whether you’re a networking virgin or a full-fledged butterfly, spring is a perfect time to expand your horizons, and connect with new people. Don’t even look at it as “networking,” but simply connecting with other professional bad*sses. 

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