photo: Lorenzo Agius

photo: Lorenzo Agius


Give it thanks, then give it up.

We slaughtered the lamb in March. Now spring is finally here, lighting a fire to get our 💩 cleaned up. Using Marie Kondo’s Netflix-famed KonMari method, let's examine the clutter in all areas of your brand to see what makes the cut, what doesn’t, and how to bring clarity to the chaos. 

If it’s not sparking joy, give it thanks, and give it the boot.

KonMari Your Brand Closet


When we say “envision,” we don’t mean pasting a picture of Kit Harrington on a vision board (which isn’t getting you any closer to that Game of Bones anyway.) We mean visualizing what your ideal brand looks, feels, and sounds like based on what sparks joy for you. Is your vision a little cloudy? Editor’s Edge will shine it right up for ya in a Toe Dip 75-minute long consult call.


Let’s be real, if you want to get something done, you have to set aside time to commit to it (unlike that New Year’s Resolution.) Have specific days each month where you put the blinders on, avoid client calls, and work on your brand. If that involves leaving your dreary desk for a comfy coffee shop or a quiet bar with a cocktail, so be it. #TreatYoSelf


Whether it’s giddy enthusiasm, or simply not wanting to throw up in your mouth, having something “spark joy” means that it’s worth holding on to because deep down, it feels right. Play "which one of these things is not like the other" with your brand's images, written content, services, low engagement posts and decide whether it sparks (your version of) joy.


You have to look back to look forward, so even if some of your brand’s content makes you cringe or LOL, take a quick minute to give it gratitude for helping you evolve to where you are now. Then, eliminate it while remembering that less is more! Although something is purged, it doesn't need to be immediately replaced. You’ll replenish your brand closet over time with content that more aligns with your new vision.


Marie Kondo suggests tidying up in order of clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, and sentimental to avoid being overwhelmed.  To mirror her method, go through your branded content in the following order:

IMAGES:  Just like clothes, images create the visual style of your brand, and yes, just like those MC Hammer pants, certain trends might not be so hot anymore. From your website to your social feeds, make a list of the different areas with imagery and compare them to your ideal brand style. Not quite sure what’s serving the fierce look you’re going for? Editor’s Edge can curate your images to your vision, or do a no-nonsense “capture, critique, and clarity consult” of your work in a Deep Dive

COPY:  Just like a good book, your copy narrates your brand’s message. Go through your bio, web copy, inquiry response, services, and Instagram captions for a clarity check. Is your communication style clear and concise? While we’re not a panel of played-out pop stars, we do assist in finding “The Voice” you’re searching for with our highly rated custom Brand Voice Guides

MARKETING MATERIALS:  Both hard and digital marketing materials are the “papers” of your brand. Gather all the brochures, promo pieces, business cards, etc. in one place and review the fonts, colors, signature images, and graphics. If something stands out that doesn’t spark joy, send it to the shredder. Do your marketing materials seem to be a pile of mix-matched styles? Find your signature look with a customized Brand Style Guide by Editor’s Edge

PRESS & ACCOLADES:  “Kimono” is the KonMari word for miscellaneous things we’ve accumulated over time. Kinda like the dead batteries and broken rubber bands in your junk drawer. For your brand, it’s old press, testimonials, outdated reviews or other random content that no longer fits. Gather ‘em, go through ‘em, get rid of ‘em. 

SENTIMENTAL: In our personal life, sentimental items are what we have a hard time getting rid of (the Madonna 1990 Blonde Ambition tour jacket.) In our work life, it’s the attachment to self-sabotage we have a tough time letting go of. Are there old processes or habits holding the evolution of your business back? If you’re ready to ditch them, our Brand Coaching will keep you rolling in the right direction (ahem, accountable) and be your personal cheerleader. (ahem, drill sergeant.)

By now you’re ready to kick some things to the curb. One way to do that is by donating old printed materials, client gifts, office supplies, etc. to organizations that repurpose them, such as Materials For The Arts (our fave.) You can't do much origami folding in the virtual world, so once you're left with a pile of joy-sparking brand content, reorganize it into well-labeled digital folders and bask in the shiny glow of your desktop. 

Not sure where to start? Hit “Play From Beginning to get your binge-worthy brand started with Editor’s Edge. Or, if you simply crave a few spoilers because you’re not sure where to go from here, hit “Next Episode.” 

Dump It All Out.

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