Surviving Junesanity

June 2019 Issue



1. The idea that one can manage personal responsibilities and also get work done without sacrificing one for the other.

2. A mythical concept that humans are trying to prove exists.

(see also: balancing act)

If work/life balance exists, where can I find it? I’m attempting to solve that mystery, so I don’t spend the rest of the month somewhere between a state of “Junesanity” and a FOMO-induced slump. 

What is “Junesanity,” you ask? Well besides a compound word, June + Insanity = Junesanity, it's the working parent month of overwhelm (in the northeast); filled with the end of the year field trips, miscellaneous half days, and a plethora of school performances all requiring a specific colored t-shirt. (i.e., being forced to buy a brand new black t-shirt just to cut holes in said t-shirt so one can resemble a singing orphan 🙄) Junesanity is also the month clients like to wrap up or get started on new projects before the summer truly kicks in.

There has to be a way to fit in client calls, get my son a haircut before graduation, direct multiple brand voice guidesmuster up the courage to record a witty Instagram story and plan a sans kid vacation in August to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary without losing my mind, right…right? 

So how does one keep the personal life up to speed and the business in motion without sacrificing their sanity? It's all about being realistic with your workload. I know, we all want to think of ourselves as superheroes, swinging from one task to another; but it's all too easy for those hard-working, good intentions to turn to dust in a (Thanos sized) snap leaving us marveling at our own stupidity. So when I realize I have, once again, overestimated my human abilities, I lean on Heather Vickery’s insightful advice "to take a break, focus and give yourself a little grace."

After all, I may be able to do anything, but not everything!


PS - Last year’s foot injury kept me stateside during Engage Ireland, so when it came time to choose an anniversary location, the Emerald Isle was at the top of the list! We will be flying into Dublin and out of Shannon with seven days and six nights to fill. What are your top Ireland (lodging, eating, quaint city) recommendations?




Are you part of the "in-crowd?"

May 2019 Issue

A client recently expressed wanting to expand their network as a desire, “to be embraced by in the ‘in-crowd.’” They had attended high-end parties, networking events, and conferences with a laser focus on the one person they considered "the gatekeeper" to landing their coveted gig. “I’ve done my homework, my work is up to par, I’m in the right places at the right times, but I just can’t seem to win this person over. I feel like I’m in high school continually being turned down for the prom.”

The sentiment sounded all too familiar. Strangely similar to the plotline of an 80’s teen movie; the artistic but awkward main character just dreaming of being asked out by the richest guy at school. They wallow, they study the cool clique, and they finagle a deal to get closer to their obsession. In the end, there were always two outcomes. First, the fairy tale version where they go back sewing pink dresses until, finally, their idol sweeps them off their feet. Or, the alternate version where their quirky best friend takes off their glasses, and they realize that what they wanted was in front of them the whole time, duh!

Continually tap dancing to a disengaged party of one is a waste of your energy - one person does not make an "in-crowd." Expanding your network means engaging...with everyone! The person ordering the same cocktail at the party, the one standing in the bathroom line with you at the conference, and definitely the one cracking up at all of your jokes during a networking dinner.  They are the perfect prom dates. 

It’s easy to get lost looking up at the one person you think can change your world. But sometimes all you really need to do is look around, and you’ll realize your "in-crowd" is already there. 

P.S. – I often hear “yours are one of the few emails I actually read,” (blushing) so I spoke with Kimberly and Annie of This Week in Weddings to tell it like it is in the podcastEmails That Keep People From Unsubscribing, if you know someone who wants to avoid snooze-letters altogether, pass along this month’s LFTE.  

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Let's Get Lit.

April 2019 Issue

Spring is getting ready to be sprung, and with it comes the urge to get 💩 done.  

I was an early adopter of Marie Kondo’s purging method, having listened to her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up long before her Netflix fame. (Yes, thanking undergarments for their service is a bit much, but her origami folding technique was a game-changer for my plethora of striped shirts!) Recently, I’ve used her catchphrase quite a bit in response to the “Is this” line of questioning I tend to get during one-on-one consults or post-speaking presentations: “Is this copy too long?” “Is this brand style too vanilla?” “Is this too many images for a gallery?” “Is the content my assistant posts on brand?” 

My reply - “does it spark joy?” 

When I say “joy,” I don’t necessarily mean jumping up and down in over-the-top excitement like a coked-out Tigger. Joy means different things to different people (little known fact: it’s my middle name) and it doesn’t always spring up like a dancing daisy. Whether it’s giddy enthusiasm or simply not wanting to throw up in your mouth, having something “spark joy” means that it’s worth holding on to because deep down, it feels right. 

Spring is the perfect time to examine the clutter in our business, brand, or life, and ask what truly sparks joy and what doesn’t. Forget what social media dictates, forget what your competition is doing, and forget about being the friendly boss. If it doesn’t ignite a touch of joy or evolve you toward your ideal future, thank it for its service and send it on its way. 

Is your brand's closet stuffed to the gills? In this month’s feature, we roll up our sleeves to curate using the KonMari method! Anxiously watching the countdown clock (and your inbox)? Let’s Netflix and clean together now in a complimentary consult. Whether it's a little tidying up or an all-out binge, we'll get your brand lit. 

P.S. – I often hear “yours are one few emails I actually read” (blushing) I spoke with Kimberly and Annie of This Week in Weddings to tell it like it is in the podcast: Emails That Keep People from Unsubscribingso if you know someone who wants to avoid snooze-letters altogether, pass along this month’s LFTE.

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Slaughter That Lamb.

March 2019 Issue

In like a lion and out like a lamb, March is known as the month of transition. It was last March I quit being sheepish and transitioned my relationship status with my photography business from a hustle to a (paid) hobby. I released my inner lion and went all in with Editor’s Edge as a boutique creative and consulting agency. This March, as I set out my S.M.A.R.T goals for the year, I can feel the nervous tummy growls that it's time for the lion to roar again. 

We’ve all had that feeling when it comes to our business. It’s like a classic "I want" song of a Disney princess where we sense there is something right around the river bend, we long to explore a whole new world, or we ponder if it's time to let some 💩 go. In reality, that feeling is in the form of wanting to scale up, wanting to invest in a brand refresh, or wanting to let an underperforming team member go for the health and wealth of your business. Basically, it’s a feeling of realization that it’s time to be a lion...minus the aggressive musical number and woodland creatures. It’s at this point we tend to lose our c-c-courage, become a bit cowardly, and doubt ourselves. We wonder if it’s the right time, or we worry that it won’t pay off.

We’re then left questioning ourselves on what should come first: the chicken or the egg...well, for most of us, it's the excuse.  

What it (hard) boils down to is we have to buy the chicken to get the eggs, just like we have to spend money to make money. We can’t scale our business or sharpen our brand message without investing in the talent that can get us there. It’s the lamb in us that makes excuses to keep frolicking in fields of flowery comfort, but it’s a lion’s courageous leap of faith that overcomes the inner struggles keeping us from breaking out of our eggshells. In the end, investing in our business is investing in our growth.

Feeling a bit cowardly? Slaughter the lamb mentality and pounce on bigger opportunities. Join the Editor’s Edge pride of lions, take the leap, and schedule your complimentary consult call. You’ll be king of everything the light touches in no time.

P.S. - March is my birthday month and while I blow the candles, it’s my wish to invite more characters to the Editor’s Edge band of rogues. If you know someone who would dig our sassy take on the industry, share this letter with them to grow our posse!

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Smart-*ss Goals for Dummies

February 2019 Issue

It’s February, folks. Hallmark’s month of love, Winter’s month of purgatory, and for most, the graveyard of resolutions. “Fizzle-Out February”, as I call it, because every year like clockwork, New Year’s goals pretty much come here to die. We enter a funk that reeks of the same old habits and routine, and it was only recently I learned why(Dr. Seuss rhyme not intended). 

This past New Year’s Day, we were driving back home from a trip visiting friends. It included a New Year’s Eve party the night before, so queue dark sunglasses with a tall coffee in one hand, and a huge bottle of coconut water in the other. Suddenly, my 

11-year-old son declared from the backseat that he “wanted to set a New Year’s resolution!" I perked up a bit because not only was I surprised he knew what a resolution was, but because (and I love him) he’s not always the most proactive. That’s of course when my teacher husband pipes in “Resolutions are for suckers. If you want to make actual change, you have to set smart goals.” 

“Isn’t it always smart to set goals?” I asked.  

“No, they have to be S.M.A.R.T. goals. It’s what I use in school with my students,” he said, casually. 

Now, some of you may already know this, but if you’re like me then you had no idea that S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Actionable (or Attainable), Realistic, and Timely. It’s a method of goal setting that outlines specific perimeters towards effectively reaching them.  Learning this made me feel a little like a dummy because while I’m very goal-driven, I tend to give my clients and their goals most of my efforts and “smarts.” I realized that I don’t always lay out a meticulous game plan for myself like I do for them, so when it comes to my own goals, I’m left being more of a smart *ss than a S.M.A.R.T. goal setter. You know that expression “cobbler kids have no shoes”? That’s me, and I’m sure that’s a lot of you. We put others before ourselves; leaving our resolutions, goals, what-have-you, as dried up as the dehydration of a painful hangover. 

As I was drafting this letter, I confess I hadn’t yet carved out the time to break down my 2019 goals in a S.M.A.R.T. manner. (Side note: it’s Editor’s Edge high season, it’s been hectic AF). Buuut by the time this hits your inbox, I will have put my S.M.A.R.T. cap on, poured myself a stiff drink, (because obviously, I didn’t learn my lesson from New Year’s) and will have fleshed them out. 

📢📢 It’s time we stop being the procrastinating perfectionists we are and get too legit to quit about our goals this year! 📢📢 

...because as my wise(*ss) husband says “resolutions are for suckers.” 

Feeling like a dummy? Stick around for the upcoming newsletter to S.M.A.R.T.-en up your goals, and if you agree old ways won’t open new doors, let’s game plan your S.M.A.R.T. goals together on a 30-minute complimentary consult call. 

P.S. - Our Red Rope V.I.P. List is rapidly growing, and we’re getting exclusive content ready to send out. Make the decision to work smarter not harder and join now. Smart wise *sses welcome.




Time to Wise and Shine

January 2019 Issue

You’ve heard me say it before; September will always feel like the New Year to me. It’s when we often get our 🍑 back to class, so when it comes to the actual New Year, I tend to use it as more of a reset button. Over the holidays, I do my best to let go of what I didn’t do yesterday, unplug, power down, and come back in January ready to re-plug and power back up (which is also my genius IT solution to any tech problem.) Before going to my internal settings to hit update, I take a look back at the "healthy, wealthy and wise decisions" I've made in 2018 with Editor's Edge and in general. They've taught me a few key lessons I'm tying to my kite this New Year, for that jolt of lightning needed to become my healthiest, wealthiest, and wisest in 2019. 

A year ago, I finally ripped off the band-aid and made the healthy decision to phase out the photography business (which no longer brought me joy) and went balls-to-the-wall with Editor’s Edge. This wise decision provided a wealth of space to dedicate to consulting clients, speaking engagements, and developing exciting new services - such as customized brand-building guides, digital marketing materials, and brand direction retainers. I was finally doing all the work I relish and it graciously delivered a healthy dose of inspiring conversations where I shared and gained wisdom from all of you.

On the more personal side, while I did wise up and cut down on business travel in the second half of the year to spend more QT with my family, I am definitely not all that and a bag of chips. In truth, just as unhealthy as chain-scarfing bags of Munchos, was my unwise and unhealthy decision to ignore my pestering body. I let a sports injury get out of hand by telling myself "I don't have time for this." It was this jerk move that led to a wealth of frustration, time lost at doctors' offices, uncovered medical bills, and the inability to do the activities that kept me physically healthy and mentally wise (sane) for a full year. Oh, the irony. Don’t worry, after being clamped down by a valuable life lesson (and a heavy walking boot) I'm slooowly getting there. Words of wisdom from the unwise: running away from a problem is a race you'll never win.

As the curtain rises on the opening act of 2019, it’s time to double tap reset and swallow the unhealthy, un-wealthy (...poor), or unwise decisions we’ve previously made. The show is starting from here, presenting us with a fresh opportunity to become all the more wiser. As, Ben, the crazy character who literally tied a key to a kite in a lightning storm said: “the doors of wisdom are never shut.”

There are some clever developments taking place here at Editor’s Edge and I’m looking forward to sharing and gaining health, wealth, and wisdom with you all in the New Year. What big moves are you planning in 2019 to evolve your business to be the healthiest, wealthiest and wisest it’s ever been? Kick it off with the first healthy decision for your business of the New Year. After all, your great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

PS - Don’t be unwise - join the Editor’s Edge “Red Rope” V.I.P. list where we will be sharing a wealth of wisdom, exclusive first-peeks at our exciting developments, and other secret party tricks we have up our sleeve.




Grab a Drink Before the Next Act!

December 2018 Issue

Yesterday....all my troubles seemed so faaaaar awaaaaay. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh, I believe in SCRAAAATCH… Sorry Paul, you’re obviously the cutest Beatle, but I'm leaving yesterday in the past like an old mix tape.

In this past year, I’ve taken you all from breaking up with previous careers to breaking down buzzwords. From questioning the love of being a business owner to questioning the “in-crowd.” I went from spilling the confessions of a big fish to spilling the confessions of not managing a team, and from sharing embarrassing feedback stories to sharing comical stories from a carousel. I told you about doing my best to get out of the office, to telling you about doing my best to get my 🍑 back to class. All the while, making tweaks while trying not to freak.

And juuuust when I felt like making my Letter from the Editor series a thing of the past, you, my kickass readers, would thoughtfully write back saying it's one of the few emails you don't unsubscribe from. Like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes bigger with each positive note you guys wrote back, please keep them coming!

My point is, I’ve shared and learned a lot from my yesterdays of this past year. As we head into December, I challenge us (you AND me) not to stare at all the daunting lists (project deliveries, holiday shopping, unresolved resolutions) on our desks with resentment. What if we let go of yesterday’s "to-dos" that fizzled into "didn'ts?" What if we stopped beating ourselves up and instead took satisfaction in keeping our business afloat another year?! Let’s sprinkle a little holiday magic, give ourselves a much-needed fist bump, and change our perspective for the remainder of 2018. Let’s reframe December as the on-deck circle, the green room… the staging area to 2019!

First, put down your phone, have a holiday drink (or two,) and restore your spirit with family and friends. Then, question if you’re where you want to be with (and within) your business. Start imagining what types of changes (major or minor) you want and your business needs. If your vision is feeling a little foggy, don’t panic! I’ve got a San Pellegrino for you and will escort you to the main stage. Together we’ll prepare your 2019 "bite the bullet" list clearing the corridor towards your great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

PS — Editor’s Edge is setting the stage for winter, our busiest time of year! If you’re interested in joining our cast of clients in 2019, schedule your 30 min complimentary consult call now, before seats are sold out.




Don’t Freak, Now’s the Time to Tweak

November 2018 Issue

High five, you did it! You kept all hands and arms inside the vehicle during the whirlwind of the busy seasonIt was quite the carousel ride — you laughed, you cried and most importantly — you kept yourself from hurling when a client came back with one more not so “minor” tweak on a project. But it’s time to get up from the couch, down a greasy egg sandwich and shake off that work hangover.

Why? Because we are now entering that strange lull between a peak and off-peak period aka “the entrepreneur shoulder season.” That small but mighty window before the frenzy of “use it or lose it” corporate gigs (ideally) come in, your Etsy store is (hopefully) flooded with holiday rush orders or (fingers crossed) your inbox gets slammed with engagement season inquiries for 2019.

OK so maybe you had resolutions of a 2018 overhaul that are still…unresolved. No judgments! I have complete faith 2019 is the year your revamp becomes a reality. (We’ve got your blueprints waiting for you.) However, that doesn’t mean you should go back to researching Thanksgiving side dishes, you’ve got judgmental guests on their way and your snooze-fest of a brand is covered in dust! 

Don’t freak. There’s still time for tweaks!  When? Now! “Now is the time, now is the best time. Be it a time of joy or strife.” 🎶 You can still progress your carousel with small, but powerful, adjustments that will make your business stand out as the holiday season rolls in. 

How? …with a quick and dirty white glove treatment for your brand.  Let's cut those stale services you should no longer be serving, hide the outdated imagery in the closet, and spruce up your inquiry response with content that connects.  

Give us an hour and we'll have your brand shining like the top of Chrysler building in no time!

PS — Grab your phone and a cocktail, then tune into @gokaleigh on IGTV where @editors-edge will be dishing out “3 Branding Basics to Avoid Being Basic" 
Mark your calendars • 11/29 • 9 pm EST / 8 pm CST 🍸




WTF...I’m Stuck?!

October 2018 Issue

An ironic thing happened this summer. Back in August, I attempted some work/life balance with a family vacay to Disney World. (Which we all know is a lot more work than…actual work!) While we were there, I took my son on the Carousel of Progress. For those of you not familiar, this is a nostalgic Tomorrowland “ride” where the audience rotates around a fixed stage learning the electrical advancements in the day to day life of an animatronic family as they progress through the 20th century. Yep, this show (unless you’re a real Disney freak) is boring AF and most often used as a place to take an air-conditioned nap. Admittedly, I’m a sentimental sucker for the show, and its happy-go-lucky theme songs.

One audience member was apparently not a fan, mid-rotation between the “future” (aka the late ‘80s) and the closing curtain; she just got up and walked out! Causing an automatic shut down of the theater, leaving the rest of us STUCK on the Carousel of Progress!

Since this bizarre experience, the phrase "stuck on a Carousel of Progress" keeps circulating around my head. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I've come to's a pretty comical metaphor for work…and life! Wouldn’t you agree, that as we rotate our business into the 4th quarter, the motion sickness often sets in as we swirl around in a teacup of exhaustion and anxiety? We work our tails off all while whispering to ourselves. "Am I going to meet this year's goals? Shouldn't I have more inquiries right now? Does this client understand my special I even understand my special sauce?" Like the white rabbit in Wonderland, we are continually moving, moving, moving...but are we strategically going anywhere? 

Ask yourself, is my carousel of progress spinning out of control as unachieved goals whip by? Am I, the unamused park guest, on the verge of giving up and walking off?

Don’t make yourself sick; I’ll hold your hair back. Together, we'll devise a progressive brand and marketing strategy to keep your business moving forward into your land of tomorrow!

PS –
 Will you be at The Knot Gala? Come find me for a high-five and kick-it over cocktails!🍸 




Umbrella Drinks Down, Get Your 🍑 to Class

September 2018 Issue

January may get all the hype, but September will always feel like the New Year to me. Probably because teachers surround me; my father, my sister, my husband and in-laws are all teachers. (I like to consider myself an educator as well ...just swap out book bags for swag bags.) Don't get me wrong I had a great summer of improving my work-life balance skills.  (Read: Teacher husband and school-age children invading my home office balanced with slamming summer cocktails on the porch.) But, September is time to fold up the frozen drink umbrellas and for "Summer Kristi" to transition into "Back to School Kristi.”  (Read: Get your sh*t together!)  

We all have high school memories; some good, some bad and some most likely mortifying.  When I look back, I am amazed at how organized and productive our days were.  A class schedule, a ringing bell, and a composition notebook kept all of us (ok most of us) in line for fear of detention.  Now we sit at our scattered desks and instead of focusing on a single task, our concentration is being pulled in a million directions while notification bells never stop ringing on our phones. We hop from our gym class to emailing clients to posting a poll on Instagram Stories all within the same 45 minute period. 

As I get my 🍑 back to class this semester, I took a page from my teacher squad’s book by creating a syllabus to success. (Read: kickin it old school with a killer time blocking schedule and a smart-ass roster of batch tasking courses to fill it in with.)  Let us not forget what was once called algebra we now call balancing our QuickBooks. 

I know running all aspects of a business (especially marketing) can feel just as mortifying as high school. I also know you're an A+ student with a gold star drive, so I’m gonna be that cool chick in class and let you copy from my notebook. 

CLICK HERE to download my kickass Class Schedule and Course Roster that will have you Rollin with the Homies to the head of the class. Cher Horowitz would be so proud!


PS – As the year winds to a close, what’s your biggest challenge in managing the 4th Quarter Crunch?

We have the cliffs notes to help you cram for that final A with a list of timesaving hacks you can’t live without! Check your inbox (and sadly spam folders) for the Editor’s Edge newsletter ringing in on September 26th.




OOO + Getting Sh*t Done

August 2018 Issue



1. The idea that one can have a fun-filled summer and also get work done without sacrificing one for the other.

2. A mythical concept that humans are trying to prove exists.

(see also: balancing act)

If work/life balance exists, where can I find it? I’m attempting to solve that mystery so I don’t spend the last weeks of summer somewhere between a state of overwhelm and a FOMO-induced sadness. There has to be a way to fit in client calls, an occasional “drink-nic” on the beach, concept a new presentation, post some witty Instagram stories, and tackle a mother-jumpin’ Disney vacation with the family without losing my mind, right…right? 😳

Oh the internal struggle of the business owner: knowing when to make things happen (read: hustle hard) and when to just let things happen (read: go with the flow). We tend not to hit that precious out of office reply without feeling a little (or a lot) guilty. Repeat after me, “I deserve a vacation, I deserve a vacation…” I caaan’t hear youuuu! 

So how does one keep the business in motion without sacrificing that hard-earned R&R? It’s all about setting yourself up for pre-vacation victory. Think proactively to sketch out a game plan, stick to those dang deadlines and definitely communicate to your team (and clients) that you are seriously OOO.  Okay fine, I might still check my phone in line for Space Mountain, but I’m going to try my damnedest to “Let It Go” while keeping the hustle alive this summer. 

I call that work/summer balance!


PS - What’s your biggest concern with hitting that Out of Office response?

Send us your questions and stay tuned for Editor’s Edge monthly #LikeABoss_QA series, where we answer business-centric questions from savvy creative professionals. And of course, it’s always anonymous!  





Confessions of a Big Fish...

July 2018 Issue

The last few months, I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of whispers…confessions almost. “Psst, I have something to tell you…I feel a little guilty saying this but I’m not interested in the luxury market, and I’m kind of okay with that. I like my clients, I like my local market, and I like not duking it out for that 1% unicorn gig everyone else is chasing.” My thoughts? “Good for you. Mo’ money, mo’ problems!”

Being content in your pond is not a sin. Believe me; it takes a lot of “Hail Marys” to build a business around the life you want to be living. It’s sinking into that sloth-like comfort when things become deadly. Settling, or merely shrugging your shoulders when your quaint marketplace starts getting infiltrated with newbies, will have you swimming with the fishes. Don’t forget, for some of those outsiders taking it to their next level may be your level!

There’s no shame in being the big fish – you worked hard to get to the place you love. But to maintain your bubble of bliss, continue to define, fine-tune and challenge your goals (personally and professionally)

Take it from my homegirl, Moana, “Happiness is right where you are!” 

PS – Are you following along with Editor’s Edge #LikeABoss_QA, a series dedicated to answering brand-related questions from other Badass Bosses on InstagramGot something that makes you go hmmm? 🤔 Hit reply or message us on Instagram, we may even answer your hard-hitting question on IG Stories.

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Are you part of the "in-crowd?"

June 2018 Issue

A client recently expressed wanting to expand their network as a desire “to be embraced by in the ‘in-crowd.’” They had attended high-end parties, networking events, and conferences with a laser focus on the one person they considered "the gatekeeper" to landing their coveted gig. “I’ve done my homework, my work is up to par, I’m in the right places at the right times, but I just can’t seem to win this person over. I feel like I’m in high school continually being turned down for the prom.”

The sentiment sounded all too familiar. Strangely similar to the plotline of an 80’s teen movie; the artistic but awkward main character just dreaming of being asked out by the richest guy at school. They wallow, they study the cool clique, and they finagle a deal to get closer to their obsession. In the end, there were always two outcomes. First, the fairy tale version where they go back sewing pink dresses until, finally, their idol sweeps them off their feet. Or the alternate version where their quirky best friend takes off their glasses and they realize that what they wanted was in front of them whole time, duh!

Continually tap dancing to a disengaged party of one is a waste of your energy - one person does not make an "in-crowd." Expanding your network means engaging...with everyone! The person ordering the same cocktail at the party, the one standing in the bathroom line with you at the conference, and definitely the one cracking up at all of your jokes during a networking dinner. They are the perfect prom dates. 

It’s easy to get lost looking up at the one person you think can change your world. Sometimes all you really need to do is look around and you’ll realize your in-crowd is already there. 

PS – Editor’s Edge is launching #LikeABoss_QA, a series dedicated to answering brand-related questions from other Badass Bosses on InstagramGot something that makes you go hmmm? 🤔 Send a reply to this email!

(psst…questions will be posted on Instagram anonymously)




Why I Don’t Manage my Team

May 2018 Issue

I’ve directed many a team in my time. From fashion shoot crews in exotic locations, to corporate photo departments of overworked employees, to second shooters on weddings and my current virtual squad, you could say I’ve been around the block when it comes to being in charge. Oh, and let’s not forget the spacey interns with well-connected parents I’ve had to deal with!

What’s my biggest “like a boss” takeaway, so far? Directing a team and managing a team are two very different things. Directing means leading communication among a group towards a collective (usually awesome) end goal. Managing, on the other hand, is simply keeping a team on task.

The ruby slippers to leading a group down the yellow brick road is understanding how each team member best receives direction (shocker, it’s not one size fits all). Yes, we all know the generational stereotypes; Millennials need compliments, GenX(ers) need to be convinced and Baby Boomers need tech lessons but let’s get past that. At the end of the day, everyone has their own special sauce and preferred style of communication. Type A’s respond to organized lists, extroverts need an audience for their super exciting ideas and a creative requires space to mull things over. How you provide guidance with your examples, word choices, tone of voice and even body language all need to be tailored to who is on the receiving end.  

Customizing direction starts with understanding your own style of communication. For example, I know that I am a visual and creative communicator (no surprise there). Image research, color palettes, mood-boards, creative narratives, and metaphors all help me get my point across clearly to my team members. I’m also a visual learner. My own team now uses my communication tricks against me when we’re collaborating on projects! 

Take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I directing or am I managing?” Give up on barking orders, move away from micro-managing and try your hand at directing. Take it from me; guiding a team to that awesome end goal gives you all the feels. It’s one of the reasons being a Creative Director is my jam. 

So come on in for a huddle and…Goooo Team!




Say what?

April 2018 Issue

Life has been a whirlwind of new places, faces, and tight airplane spaces lately as I’ve been traveling around the country for a tour of empowering speaking engagements. On the plane, one of my guilty pleasures is highlighting the most commonly used words in the course descriptions. It’s fascinating to discover which terms are trending and which are “so last year.” For example, “thought leader” is by far the new “expert” on the block. Side note: If I ever refer to myself as a thought leader, I give you full permission to b*tch slap me. 

Oh, buzzwords. The words everyone loves to hate but can’t help but use constantly…myself included. As a content creator, buzzwords are a common language I use to stay connected with my audience. They’re shorthand to other people “in the know.” But what if you aren’t exactly “in the (marketing) know?” I’m not oblivious to the smiling and nodding face of a conference attendee pretending they understand all the jargon being thrown around. Which is why I make it a point to define some of the more popular terms in my presentations. Don’t believe me? Drop into one of my engagements and watch me break it down like Grand Master Flash.

At the end of the day (or presentation), there’s no point in throwing around glittering generalities just to sound “in the know.” If the person on the receiving end is clueless to the knowledge you're dropping, then you’ve gone from buzz-worthy to buzzkill, my friends.

PS: Feeling out of “the know?” Take a cue from my other guilty pleasure, Late Night’s Seth Explains Teen Slang and get up to speed.




The Room Went Silent...

March 2018 Issue

It was my first day at the School of Visual Arts, and I was waiting for a class called Third Year Critique to begin. As I nervously looked around my new classroom, it dawned on me that one of these things was not like the other…and that “one thing” was me. The rest of my classmates were holding archival print boxes while I held a black pleather portfolio book. Their oversized boxes contained bodies of work all surrounding a conceptual theme, mainly nude self-portraits…eek. In stark contrast, mine was filled with individual “real world assignments” with commercial concepts like “still life fragrance.” At the Fashion Institute of Technology, my previous college, projects were handed to the professor, returned with a letter grade and maybe a technical note to bring out the highlights. Needless to say, the concept of standing in front of a group of peers requesting feedback was entirely foreign to me. 

With my back to the class, I pulled the prints from their plastic sleeves, tacked them to the wall and babbled as I introduced myself as the new girl. Turning around to greet my new classmates I was met with silence…like crickets-chirping complete silence. I had no idea I was supposed to explain my work or ask my peers questions to prompt their advice. I just stood there with my heart pounding until the professor finally broke the tension with “…Thank you…we look forward to seeing your progression this year. Who’s next?” Seriously, that’s it? Shouldn’t he have at least found something to say like, “you have nice composition I might suggest XYZ.” Gee thanks guy, I’m SO glad I’m paying private school tuition for this! 

Listen I got it. The room’s muteness spoke loudly - my old commercial work did not fit in this new fine-art marketplace. But there’s a big difference between criticism and critique. In the classes’ effort to be polite à la “if you don’t have anything nice to say,” I was being robbed of the ability to flourish. Oh and you better bet I flourished, I was not going into college debt for nothing! Next class, I walked in with the start of a body of work and a list of questions so long it nearly hit the floor. I shut my mouth, and I listened…I probably almost pooped my pants, but I made it! I had survived my first real constructive critique. 

Putting yourself out there and asking for honesty from qualified peers whose opinion you respect remains a fundamental part of my business....hell it IS my business! Have you ever opened yourself up to a constructive critique? Maybe it’s time to ask up, zip up and listen up because feedback is your friend.

PS: I don’t just talk the talk I also walk the walk. So I’m putting myself in the hot seat to ask for your feedback my, faithful friends. Please take five minutes to (honestly) answer five (anonymous) questions and support Editor’s Edges’ growth.




I love it, I love it not...

February 2018 Issue

Remember the first week of January? The social obligations were over, the holiday decorations came down, and we were ready to crush 2018 with a hot list of goals.But then, inevitably, something “pressing” came up, and we told ourselves, “Okay, we’ll definitely get to slaying next week.” But theeeen it got really. Freaking. Cold! The unexpected snow days kicked our motivation in the nuts like the Abominable Snow Man. Mother Nature even made it snow in the south…bless her heart (I’ve learned this is Southern code for “F*ck that bitch”). Cabin fever snuck in, so we took to social media, only to light the spark of insecurity instead of inspiration. “They’re so much better at ____ than me. Why didn’t I get invited to that? Jeez, it’s supposed to be called a humble brag!”

Now it’s February, and we’re all feeling pretty funk-ay (and not in a George Clinton-kinda way). Small business owners worry we won’t get enough inquiries, full-timers worry “the man” will never give them a raise and we all stress those New Year’s goals will become spring’s “shoulda, coulda, woulda” list. Shake (not stir) these all together, and you’ve got the perfect winter blues cocktail with a self-doubt garnish.

Cheers! The sound of winter silence can be deafening to your slay but rest assured that you’re not the only one questioning how in (or out) of love you are with your business this time of year. Take a minute to give your business a little love quiz and see how compatible it is with your goals.

I bet you’ll be swiping right soon.

PS – You wouldn’t eat processed meat out of a can right? So don’t let valuable information go to spam. Add to your address book to make sure you’re getting the grade A stuff.



I've Been Cheating on You

January 2018 Issue

Dear Kristi Drago-Price Photography,

Remember that time back in commercial photo school when we were getting frustrated in the studio lighting class?  A male classmate came up and patted us on the head to say: “Don’t worry, you’re a pretty girl who will get a husband to take care of you in no time.”  Our eyes widened and mouth hung open in shock as the professor, also male, nodded his head in agreement.  This was the photo industry in the 90s.  

Remember when we transferred to a fine art photography program? We quickly realized that not having a trust fund (like the rest of the “starving artist” classmates) meant we had to work our way through college…only to be called a “sell-out” for our post-graduation corporate Conde Nast lifestyle (and the corporate card that went along with it). 

Remember how surprised our family was to hear that being a photo editor at BRIDES magazine meant you stood behind the photographer. “Shouldn’t you be taking the photos?” they asked in thick Long Island accents. 

For those reasons, and so many more, we had to prove to the chauvinist classmate, the trust fund hipsters, the family members and (most importantly) ourselves that we could run our own successful photography business, standing behind the camera. And we did it, and it was invigorating and filled our heart with joy!  

Nine-ish years later, our back would ache just looking at our camera bag. Mexican takeout became the only thing that would get us through the post-production hours tied to the computer (longing for the days of the darkroom). Clients were still happy, and work was consistent, but inside you have to admit it started to feel a little forced. 

Then one of us started sneaking around with someone else. Instead of brides and grooms, that person was finding enjoyment with a new type of client, the solo-entrepreneur. Okay fine, it was ME! I was cheating on you with Editor’s Edge.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, and as we step into 2018, I’m making space for Editor’s Edge and we’re going to go all the way. I hate to use the cliché “it’s not you, it’s me” because I’m not dumping you, I’m just kicking out the chase, the worry of the next gig and all the (literal) baggage that goes along with it. 

You’re still my first love and my forever side-hustle, we just need to embrace a new relationship status called “the paid hobby.”

With all my love,


Engage!17 Special Issue

Special Engage!17 Issue

Sipping a margarita and looking down at my sparkly sack of balls, I thought to myself “Niiine times…” (my fellow Ferris Bueller fans read that correctly). It’s hard to believe that just four years ago I was an Engage! virgin dressed up in a Gatsby themed flapper dress at the Biltmore…luckily I already had the haircut. I full on drank the Kool-Aid  and have since been honored to lead break out sessions, moderate editor panels and host dine around tables. #BecauseOfEngage is a real thing and after nine times, being at Nizuc felt like a big happy family reunion full of hugs, high fives and jazz hands.

What I love most about attending Engage! is you always walk away with something new. New friends, new insights…new beach bags! This time around, in pursuit of enlightenment, I came in challenging myself to live in the present during the sessions; no more playing courtroom stenographer with my extensive notes or social media archivist snapping photos. This year I was going to stop, look, and listen up. I simply scripted a handful of key points and main takeaways that stuck with me, because less truly is more. Now as I sit back in freezing cold NYC reading over my notes and with a holiday martini in hand I’m starting to see the stars align. It’s time to go back to basics…with your inspirations, your business and your brand.  

9 Ways
Engage!17 Speakers
Taught Us (and our brands) to
Be Unapologetically Ourselves



Who else spun in circles wearing a Wonder Woman bathing suit as a child? *Raises Hand* Her fearless determination and compassionate spirit were inspirational to many including Carley who wove those qualities into The Knot brand. Editor’s Edge is all about expressing your brand…such as interpreting “Celestial” into “Darth Vader Chic” for an out of this world gala.


“What you (visually) put out there is what you’ll get back” is an Editor’s Edge mantra with our clients. Bryan took it one step further emphasizing to not only show but literally tell former clients (aka connectors) about the work you want to get. Agreed “putting things out into the universe” isn’t a new concept, but when its reinstated by someone as dashing as Mr. Rafanelli…you take note. 


Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I’m guessing you wouldn’t find him in a SoulCycle class but the concept still holds true. When you sit in the front (as intimidating as that can be) you’re forced to look forward and only at yourself. Forget about everything and everyone riding in the race around you because you earned your seat.


People come in and out of our lives for different reasons; sometimes it takes 500 miles of walking to see how they’ve shaped our story. We learn to appreciate the journey and not just the destination, which could wind up being a pile of scaffolding. I think Clark Griswald ("Sorry folks park's closed") would agree. 


There’s so much happening within our incredible wedding industry that sometimes we forget to look around. We’re reminded to stop and smell the roses, which are sometimes made of paper or frozen in a block of ice, when we’re looking for #EEeyecandy to inspire new work. Also, don’t piss off the ladies from Rodarte because they. Will. Find. You. 


When it comes to high-touch experience, Easton Events takes the branded ice cube. Why is that? Because you can look like an angel but you better be a devil with the details if you want to play in the big leagues. Remember, every touch point is an opportunity to impress. Life goals: Attend an Easton Events wedding. 


Every creative person (aka Expander) needs a logical person (aka Container). It’s really about acknowledging your weaknesses and finding people whose strengths balance you out. That’s exactly why I hired an office manager (You are the wind beneath my wings, Erika!), so I could finally work ON my business, not just IN my business. 


No one wants to work with Negative Nancy, so stop being a Debbie Downer. Instead, be a champion for yourself and your team’s efforts. Change is unavoidable so embrace it and use it as motivation to hustle up more business. If you’re lucky, she might even send you a personalized bobble head with her token phrases to get you going (Cindy, I’m emailing you my address now). It’ll reach deeper than the pills can. 


Ever worked on a project that was so clearly a bird-flipping disaster, the budget was dwindling and then your phone goes dark the morning of your install? Jes Gordon has a mother-effing story about that. The solution? “Pick up your t*ts”, go back to basics and f*cking crush it. To quote Jes, “I don’t need to keep up with the times they need to be keeping up with me.” F*ck yeah 🙌🏻

Be true to yourself, your brand and the

Kristi Drago-Price | Editor's Edge

Curiouser and Curiouser? 
Connect with a

30 minute complimentary consult
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*kick ass photo of my content partner in crime & myself by Laura Dee


‘Tis the season for anticipation

December 2017 Issue

It’s December…when the hell did that happen?! Our content feeds will soon be flooded with bucket lists and New Year's resolutions. If the Netflix countdown clock is any indication, we live in a serious “what’s-coming-next” society. As business owners, we’re incredibly guilty of this. Personally, I find myself anxiously looking forward, occasionally looking back and most often in limbo between what needs to happen in the next three hours to where do I want to be in the next three years. 

Back in college, I interned at the Museum of the City of New York (yes, my love for NYC is historically deep.) Way up on 101st street, the museum is right across from the Central Park Conservatory Garden, a rare place designated as a “quiet zone” in the city. This hidden gem, which still holds a special place in my heart, has a little pond filled with water lilies that I would rush to during my lunch break to slow down and reflect (reflecting pond, get it?). It was my senior year, and the only thing on my mind was, “What’s next?” (Spoiler: I peaced-out on a solo-backpacking trip around Europe before coming home to a full-time job at Condé Nast.) 

My seemingly mindless time at the little pond was time well spent. Taking a moment to reflect back on my accomplishments (and failures) that year provided the insight and courage I needed to move on and grow up. 

Now, as an actual adult, time is a serious luxury. Who the hell can sit in front of a pond with a picture perfect bullet journal...let alone take a lunch break?!  We’re business owners catering to that mother effing client who texts at all hours while checking the grammar on our Instagram post. Nevertheless, as the year wraps up, I challenge myself to take a breather and reflect back upon Editor’s Edge wins (and fails) of 2017 for next year to be built on. It'll be a combination of scribbling in my free swag bag journal, talking out loud to myself and mindlessly nodding as my kid jabbers on about Minecraft – call me crazy, but this is how my sh*t gets done. So stop scrolling through other peoples (fake) lives on social media, bust out the coffee (slip in some bourbon), and get your reflection on.

Your business in 2018 will thank you! 

Kristi Drago-Price | Founder of Editor's Edge