7 Tips to Slay Networking

photo: Inge Morath

photo: Inge Morath


Put on a brave face, it’s time to bloom.

Looks like we May-de it! Flowers are blooming, cherry trees blossoming, and everything is becoming its colorful self. It's the perfect time to close the laptop, go outdoors and show your colors with a little networking. 

*SCCRRRAAATCH* Did you say networking? 🙈 

Yes. Yes, we did. It’s easy to view networking as awkwardly standing in the middle of a big stage, drink in one hand, cocktail plate in the other, as uncomfortable as the Spanx you’re wearing. While we can’t speak for the Spanx, we sure can help you loosen up, let it all hang out, and meet new faces with the following tips.

7 Tips to 

Slay Networking

1. Like, Comment, Share

Social networking is still networking, and building online rapports with insightful industry professionals (whom you genuinely find interesting) makes it easier to break the ice in person. Comment, share, join groups, and have meaningful, positive discussions (don’t just “like” everything you see, you wouldn’t go to a cocktail party and silently thumbs-up everyone, would you?) 

2. A (Unique) Gift Goes a Long Way 

Everyone loves a ‘lil somthin’ extra, but there’s a difference between a standout gift and office clutter. Skip the overplayed champagne and macaroons for a unique gift that gives a little character association. For example, if you’re from New Orleans, send king cakes at Mardi Gras, or if you’re from Brazil, send a Caipirinha cocktail mixer (yes, we legit concepted these noteworthy instagram-able gifts with our coaching clients 👀)

3. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse 

Before jumping right into a networking solo on Broadway, first start with a little community theater to converse and rehearse at your different comfort levels. Attend local cocktail hour mixers, move on to one-day workshops, and once you’ve taken enough steps to build up your confidence, larger-scale multi-day getaways. The goal is to gradually build up your confidence to slay at any event. 

4. Knock Gently 

If you’ve ever experienced someone aggressively vying for your attention (ahem, small children) then you know how annoying it can get. There’s a difference between being a nuisance, and dropping subtle reminders that you’re there and interested in connecting. Knock gently on their door versus pounding it down- you’re more likely to be let in and met with a smile. 

5. Add Value to Their Time

“Let’s do lunch” is a bit cliché, and it’s not always easy to work lunch into a busy schedule. Try making a one-on-one a little sweeter by asking them to join in on something that’s of common interest. If you’re both into exercise, opt for a spin class, or if you’re art lovers, head to a new gallery show. Not only will enriching their time outside of “doing lunch” make you stand out, but they’ll be more willing to pencil you in.     

6. Different Strokes for Different Folks 

You and your brand both have a distinct voice and style, and this is also true for networking. If you’re a Type- A foodie, organize an industry dinner party at a local hotspot. If you’re a Type-B traveler, go on an impromptu trip and meet up with conference connections you made. If you're an introvert, have a coworking date at Starbucks with your friendor (friend/vendor.) Bottom line, find the type of networking style that best works for you. 

7. You Do You 

It can be easy to water yourself down trying to rub elbows with the "in-crowd" but don’t trade your authenticity for approval. Remember to be genuine and other like-minded, interesting people will naturally flock. Who knows? The "in-crowd" may just end up being you.

Whether you’re a networking virgin or a full-fledged butterfly, spring is a perfect time to expand your horizons, and connect with new people. Don’t even look at it as “networking,” but simply connecting with other professional bad*sses. 

Ready to loosen up? Editor’s Edge assists in connecting you with ideal clients by blossoming your brand. Let’s get to bloomin’ in a complimentary consult (and unlike the Spanx, we won’t hold anything back.) 

Let's Have a Virtual,  

Spandex Free, Coffee Date 

In a Complimentary Consult.

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Dump It Out.

photo: Lorenzo Agius

photo: Lorenzo Agius


Give it thanks, then give it up.

We slaughtered the lamb in March. Now spring is finally here, lighting a fire to get our 💩 cleaned up. Using Marie Kondo’s Netflix-famed KonMari method, let's examine the clutter in all areas of your brand to see what makes the cut, what doesn’t, and how to bring clarity to the chaos. 

If it’s not sparking joy, give it thanks, and give it the boot.

KonMari Your Brand Closet


When we say “envision,” we don’t mean pasting a picture of Kit Harrington on a vision board (which isn’t getting you any closer to that Game of Bones anyway.) We mean visualizing what your ideal brand looks, feels, and sounds like based on what sparks joy for you. Is your vision a little cloudy? Editor’s Edge will shine it right up for ya in a Toe Dip 75-minute long consult call.


Let’s be real, if you want to get something done, you have to set aside time to commit to it (unlike that New Year’s Resolution.) Have specific days each month where you put the blinders on, avoid client calls, and work on your brand. If that involves leaving your dreary desk for a comfy coffee shop or a quiet bar with a cocktail, so be it. #TreatYoSelf


Whether it’s giddy enthusiasm, or simply not wanting to throw up in your mouth, having something “spark joy” means that it’s worth holding on to because deep down, it feels right. Play "which one of these things is not like the other" with your brand's images, written content, services, low engagement posts and decide whether it sparks (your version of) joy.


You have to look back to look forward, so even if some of your brand’s content makes you cringe or LOL, take a quick minute to give it gratitude for helping you evolve to where you are now. Then, eliminate it while remembering that less is more! Although something is purged, it doesn't need to be immediately replaced. You’ll replenish your brand closet over time with content that more aligns with your new vision.


Marie Kondo suggests tidying up in order of clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, and sentimental to avoid being overwhelmed.  To mirror her method, go through your branded content in the following order:

IMAGES:  Just like clothes, images create the visual style of your brand, and yes, just like those MC Hammer pants, certain trends might not be so hot anymore. From your website to your social feeds, make a list of the different areas with imagery and compare them to your ideal brand style. Not quite sure what’s serving the fierce look you’re going for? Editor’s Edge can curate your images to your vision, or do a no-nonsense “capture, critique, and clarity consult” of your work in a Deep Dive

COPY:  Just like a good book, your copy narrates your brand’s message. Go through your bio, web copy, inquiry response, services, and Instagram captions for a clarity check. Is your communication style clear and concise? While we’re not a panel of played-out pop stars, we do assist in finding “The Voice” you’re searching for with our highly rated custom Brand Voice Guides

MARKETING MATERIALS:  Both hard and digital marketing materials are the “papers” of your brand. Gather all the brochures, promo pieces, business cards, etc. in one place and review the fonts, colors, signature images, and graphics. If something stands out that doesn’t spark joy, send it to the shredder. Do your marketing materials seem to be a pile of mix-matched styles? Find your signature look with a customized Brand Style Guide by Editor’s Edge

PRESS & ACCOLADES:  “Kimono” is the KonMari word for miscellaneous things we’ve accumulated over time. Kinda like the dead batteries and broken rubber bands in your junk drawer. For your brand, it’s old press, testimonials, outdated reviews or other random content that no longer fits. Gather ‘em, go through ‘em, get rid of ‘em. 

SENTIMENTAL: In our personal life, sentimental items are what we have a hard time getting rid of (the Madonna 1990 Blonde Ambition tour jacket.) In our work life, it’s the attachment to self-sabotage we have a tough time letting go of. Are there old processes or habits holding the evolution of your business back? If you’re ready to ditch them, our Brand Coaching will keep you rolling in the right direction (ahem, accountable) and be your personal cheerleader. (ahem, drill sergeant.)

By now you’re ready to kick some things to the curb. One way to do that is by donating old printed materials, client gifts, office supplies, etc. to organizations that repurpose them, such as Materials For The Arts (our fave.) You can't do much origami folding in the virtual world, so once you're left with a pile of joy-sparking brand content, reorganize it into well-labeled digital folders and bask in the shiny glow of your desktop. 

Not sure where to start? Hit “Play From Beginning to get your binge-worthy brand started with Editor’s Edge. Or, if you simply crave a few spoilers because you’re not sure where to go from here, hit “Next Episode.” 

Dump It All Out.

Then, Let’s Netflix and Clean together

in a Complimentary Consult.

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You're No Spring Chicken.

photo: Tim Walker

photo: Tim Walker


…and time’s a-tickin’.

March is a time of transformation. From winter to spring, from lion to lamb, and from egg to chicken. Why not your business? It’s probably because you want the golden eggs, but you’re hesitant to invest in the golden goose. We feel you. Come with us to a world of pure imagination where we show you how to overcome your internal struggles to scale your business.

Any of these rotten
eggs in your
excuse basket?

✓ Our branding and messaging are off, but I can’t figure out our unique selling point to change them.

✓ The content on my website is really old and will take forever to update it…plus, I’m not sure what to even post.

✓ I’m not getting enough (or the right) clients to do anything at the moment.

✓ I’m nervous and doubting myself. What if I can’t XYZ?

✓ I’m straight up unsure what to do next.

If any of the above feel like you, then we’re just going to come right out and call it: you haven’t scaled your business yet because you’re too dang chicken.  

Whether you’re making excuses to stay ruling a safe roost, or you’re bawk-ing at the idea of investing your time (and money), the truth is that you’ve been in the game for a while now. You’re no spring chicken! Scaling your business means accepting that the right time to make moves is not when [insert excuse here], but when you stop making excuses, altogether. Otherwise, you’re just the fox in your own henhouse; gobbling up your business goals.   

Look, we know better than anybody that doing what ya gotta do to level up your business is as scary as that tunnel in Willy Wonka’s factory (seriously, we were all scared of that psychedelic ride.) But at the end is a candy wonderland where you’re bringing in copious amounts of sweet client inquiries behind a genuine brand you’re proud of.  

We're your golden ticket. In our entire meal-in-one brand building guides, we’ll work with you from start to finish to redevelop a brand that attracts your ideal clients. We provide marketing materials that shrink your brand message into delicious digital assets and everlasting support with our brand coaching 

Get a one-hour tour of our idea factory with a Toe DipOr, step into the glass elevator in Deep Dive where we take a deep dive into an honest, no BS critique (we don’t sugar 💩, we’re not Willy Wonka.) We then work that into an actionable plan so you can bust through the roof and take your business higher than ever.  

If you’re ready for golden eggs, quit being chicken. Ditch the egg-scuses and invest in the golden goose. 

Want it now? You got it, Veruca. 

Here’s your golden ticket

for a complimentary consult.

P.S. - We’re changing “Newsletter” to “Monthly Feature.” If you know someone who could use some sassy direction and not just another snooze-letter, have them sign up for our monthly features by sharing below!



Resolutions Aren't Real.

photo: Tim Walker

photo: Tim Walker


Getting real means getting S.M.A.R.T.

Year after year we’re taught the recurring lesson that resolutions are regularly forfeited by February. Before you succumb to the fizzle, we’ll reveal a sure-fire method to turn your goals into royal outcomes. Break free from the cycle of suckers and set strategic S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely) goals you can feasibly achieve. 

Master the year ahead!
Let’s go from suckers to S.M.A.R.T.-ies
and go set your goals.


SUCKER: “I want brand recognition.” Does this sound like you? Its empowering to set goals to sharpen your brand, but a sucker makes them so dang broad you need the Hubble telescope to see them. 

SMARTY: Smart goal setting means defining specifics that can be actively worked from. A smarty says “I want to review the messaging of my brand and see how consistent it currently is.” 

SET IT: Analyzing your brand and identifying where to proceed puts you a few moves ahead toward reaching your goal. Let Editor’s Edge pinpoint where to move forward in a Toe Dip.


SUCKER: “I want to get over my posting paralysis” is sucker-talk because there aren’t any defined degrees of success.  

SMARTY: Going from sucker to smarty means defining clear success milestones. “I want to post four times a week to get over my paralysis” provides clear measurements to keep your pieces moving forward. 

SET IT: In our Content Consulting, we’ll check out your measurements (no ruler needed), define the right type of content for your brand’s message, and get you moving towards posting perfection.  


SUCKER: Getting more action for your business means setting clear game plans. Only a sucker would say “I want to stop spending so much time selling to lame-ass leads” because there’s no actionable strategy. 

SMARTY: “I want to target our exact clients by developing a brochure for my brand that speaks directly to them" outlines a legit move you can make to checkmate this goal. 

SET IT: If you set your sights on getting more business action, we're your no-fail pickup line. Editor’s Edge will work with you to break your services down into easily digestible concepts such as digital brochures, pricing pamphlets, and client on-boarding forms. Confidently present them to your ideal inquiry and you won’t be waiting long while they contemplate their next move. 


SUCKER: “I want to get next level luxury gigs.” The reality is, you can’t book Prada clients with JC Penny-level brand messaging. Daydreaming about a luxury wonderland for your business doesn’t make you a sucker, setting goals without realistic change does.  

SMARTY: “I want to develop a specific voice and style for my brand that exudes luxury” introduces realistic changes that’ll pull you out of the never-ending rabbit hole

SET IT: Want a brand fit for the Queen of Hearts? Editor’s Edge will work with you to develop your customized brand voice and style to check-mate competition and playing croquet with next level clients in no time. 


SUCKER: “I want to make more time to work on my business.” As business owners, we tend to be procrastinating perfectionists- so this is a pretty common goal. A sucker needs to realize that making more time for your business means effectively managing their time and staying accountable. 

SMARTY: “I will set two hours a month aside and only focus on sharpening my brand.” A clarified investment of your time is an investment in the growth of your brand and business. 

SET IT:  The hard part is holding yourself accountable. We tend to rank client work higher than our goalsleaving self-set business deadlines to deteriorate like melting clocks. Our Brand Coaching will strategically break your brand and business goals down into a prioritized and realistic timetable, with bi-weekly consult calls to keep your pawns moving forward.

In the end, our business goals give us the fuel we need to stay empowered and keep slaying the game. What separates suckers from smarties is setting them S.M.A.R.T. enough to achieve them and move on to bigger ones. If you’re ready for royalty, Editor’s Edge is the S.M.A.R.T. coach you need to make achieving your business and brand goals dummy-proof.

Set, match, win. 

Let Editor’s Edge set your S.M.A.R.T. goals  

with you in a 30-minute complimentary call.


Gloves Off…It’s Training Day.


Gloves Off…It’s Training Day.

photo: Fabio Barelt

photo: Fabio Barelt


If you don’t fight for it, who will?

Last year was a match that made us wise, shine and ready to take on 2019. We have a new chance to forget about yesterday, reset the score, kick some *ss, and be healthier, wealthier, and wiser than ever. It’s time to become the reigning champ we know you are…so training camp begins now, in your great, big, beautiful today!

Knock last year out of the ring.
Health, wealth, and wisdom 
#gainz for 2019 begin now!


HEALTH: The hardest part of training for anything is that first realization it’s time to actually do it. We know it can feel overwhelming to start making big moves for your business, but gathering up the momentum to make that first jump in the ring is a very healthy and empowering decision- it means you’re ready to whoop some *ss!

WEALTH: Creating a wealth of wins for your business means asking yourself serious questions about the goals you want to set to rack ‘em up. The beloved (fictional) boxer Rocky Balboa once said that “every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.” If you’re a contender ready to become a champ, ask yourself “which idea is best?”, “where do I start?”, “how do I make it happen?” and other critical questions that show you’re not a quitter.

WISDOM: Now that you have the momentum to jump in the ring, and you’re asking all the right questions to start making moves, our 1C Consult can provide the gloves-off answers you need to jump-start your training with clarity.


HEALTH: The health of your brand is only as good as the health and consistency of your style. If your brand seems to be rocking bell-bottoms from the seventies, a mullet from the eighties, and a scrunchy from the nineties, then your style might need to be straightened out.

WEALTH: We’re in the age of information, baby, which means that you have a wealth of resources all around you. Start by paying attention to what you and your clients are naturally drawn to, and go from there. Research different color palettes you like, inspirational images that speak to you, and photos from your real work that pump you up and remind you why you’re a champ.

WISDOM: Are you starting to see some trends and patterns? Now the real training begins. Our Brand Style Guide curates the best of (signature) images for your brand, identifies inspirational imagery to craft the mood of your brand’s persona, and ties them together with a complementary color palette, typeface and logo usage guide. Let’s retire the mix and match branding and develop a cohesive style that’s a sure winner.


HEALTH: It’s unhealthy to mask your true fighting spirit, so stop being a punching bag just to conform with others and figure out what you’re really trying to say instead of padding it. 

WEALTH: There never seems to be a wealth of time, so, get into fighter’s stance and be real with your ideal clients. Winners speak freely and confidently because they know they fight for the good, and there’s no use in trying to please everyone. No matter what you say or do, there’s always someone who’ll retort with “why I oughtta...”

WISDOM: You and your target client are both training for the same thing: to be in the winner’s circle. This means that it’s time to cut the chitchat and have real, pre-match pep talks to share wisdom with each other. Our Brand Voice Guide will train you (and your team) to use your words and find your message in a way that your perfect client understands. Bonus, if you’re not someone who likes to declare themselves a winner, we can write up a bio for you.


HEALTH: Old, underperforming marketing materials aren’t healthy for your brand. The way clients are absorbing information and making purchasing decisions these days means it’s time to upgrade your marketing gear. 

WEALTH: “Curated Content” – it’s the buzzword that isn’t going anywhere. The branded content you put together can either bring in a wealth of new clients or knock you into last year. It's time to up your game with tailored brochures and streamlined proposal templates. 

WISDOM: Marketing materials need to pack a punch. They should communicate your brand visually and deliver relevant information quickly to your client. Our Custom Marketing Materials can break down your services into easily digestible concepts and turn them into branded assets (digital brochures, pricing pamphlets and client onboarding documents) to powerfully communicate your wealth of wisdom to your ideal clients. No more weak BS – just your clear and simple brand message.


HEALTH: It’s a new year, which means it’s a fresh start to form healthy habits. So, put your dukes up and kick the habit of procrastination once and for all.

WEALTH: The proven method for this one is to do some solid goal setting which can then become an actual game plan. Bust out the pen and paper and take the time to establish a wealth of priorities. Write down other toxic habits you may have that could be an interference to your business and to you becoming your most bad *ss self.

WISDOM: Training to take your business the distance as a solo entrepreneur can be a tough fight. Queue Creative Coaching! With our unique wisdom we’ll take your business goals and work them into an actionable game plan. Plus, our bi-monthly consult calls will keep you on track (ahem, accountable) toward your biggest wins yet.

You have a whole new year with a wealth of chances to make healthy decisions. Make your wisest decision of the year and let us train your brand to kick *ss, take names, and go the distance toward making 2019 a big win for your business.

Gloves off - time to wise to the top.

Schedule your 30-minute complimentary consult,

and let Editor’s Edge train your brand to win! 🙌


Waiting in the wings? It's time to flip the script.


Waiting in the wings? It's time to flip the script.

photo: unknown

photo: unknown


It’s time to flip the script, darling; they’re ready for you.

Although you may not have hit everything on your to-do list this past year, we hope you still give yourself a much deserved fist-bump for keeping your business alive. The curtains are finally closing on what felt like a long year, and now that we’re in the final days of December, let's look ahead at tomorrow so you can confidently tackle what the universe may have in store for your business this upcoming year. So pour yourself an eggnog (give it a little spike) and let’s flashback to the yesterdays of 2018 and use them to set the stage for the badass tomorrows of 2019.

Get pumped. 2018 was just your dress rehearsal.

These 7 questions
will use your hits (and flops) of 2018
to write your award winning story of 2019.


YESTERDAY: Let’s dive right in, what was your biggest f*ck up of the year?

TOMORROW: No one expects you to be perfect (except for yourself because you’re a type-A entrepreneur), but the important thing is learning from your not-so-perfect past decisions. Take some time to forecast what might be thrown your way this year and think of different ways you can be more prepared to handle it. Just remember, not everything follows the script, so take it like a champ and use every past lesson to improvise your best outcomes this year. 


YESTERDAY: We don’t necessarily condone playing favorites, but who was your fave client this year?

TOMORROW: They get you, they let you do your thang, and you even enjoyed some laughs (and cocktails) along the way. How can you create the same connection with future clients? Think ahead –where can you find similar clients and how can you remain tight with your current ones? It’ll make working with all your clients in the upcoming year a breeze.


YESTERDAY: Which leads us to our next question- for every kickass client, there’s always a villain. What villainous client was a thorn in your side this year?

TOMORROW: Every rose has its thorn, so for every sweetheart client you have, every now and then you’ll probably get a prick– and you might have even known that before you begrudgingly agreed to work together. In the upcoming year, try to avoid working with these wicked characters. Why let them stress you out more than you already are? Listen to your gut and to stop catering to villainous clients. They don’t deserve a call back.


YESTERDAY: We know you upped your social game in 2018, so what was your top performing post of the year?

TOMORROW: Your social notifications blew up your phone, so let’s keep it going in 2019! Create similar, or even repost (but don’t overdo it), the most engaging content to your top social channels. Keep an eye on the ones that rake in a lot of engagement and keep them coming. Give the people what they want. 


YESTERDAY: We’re all balancing a bunch of different services at once, but which specific services/products of yours did the best?

TOMORROW: Crunching the books at the end of the year, you know which services and products were your shining stars, and which ones had the crickets in the background. In the new year, continue to rock the star seller, and if there’s something you just don’t want to do anymore, cut it from the script.


YESTERDAY: Teamwork makes the dream work, who was the star performer on your team this year?

TOMORROW: Getting the right people in the right places is crucial for making big moves in 2019. Again, we don’t condone playing favorites, but let’s be honest- that all-star performer made your life a lot easier. How can you take their process and skills and spread it to the whole team, while also empowering your star to stay motivated? Turn your leadership critical thinking knob up to ten and figure out how you can get your entire cast pumped to take 2019 to new levels.


YESTERDAY: They like you, they really like you! What was the biggest compliment you received (from clients or otherwise) this year?

TOMORROW: Alright, grab another spiked eggnog because we’re willing to guarantee your clients and colleagues raved about your performance in 2018. Soak up those star ratings and flesh out what was specifically written in those reviews. Make notes and build on those accolades for your encore performance filled with slow-claps, round of applauses, and standing ovations in 2019.   

If these 7 questions are empowering you to rewrite your script and make your business bigger, better, and more action-packed than ever before, Editor’s Edge will get your a** up out of the crowd and elevate your brand to be the main character, the big star, the Oscar-award winner in your great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

Lights are dimmed, music is started, everyone’s in their’s time for opening act of 2019. Do you know your way to center stage?

Want no less than a
five-star performance in 2019?

Schedule your complimentary
30 minute consult with Editor’s Edge.
It’s almost last call, seats are going fast!






photo: Annie Leibovitz

photo: Annie Leibovitz


Ever heard of Stephanie Germanotta? Maybe.
Ever heard of Lady Gaga? Definitely!

Guess what…they are one and the same. Lady Gaga’s wild success story is not just the result of her incredible song and dance talent, but also a tale of branding. While she may have been born a star, her star power was systemically built. Gaga leveraged her character from the stage, social media and the big screen to fiercely break out from the crowd and carve a niche for herself all while connecting emotionally to develop a genuine bond with her audience (loyal clients that flock to theaters and buy her albums.) That is the power of a star brand!

“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.” – Lady Gaga

So, how do you build a Gaga star-power brand? Well, let’s start with grasping what a brand is and what it isn’t… A brand is essentially the well-defined soul of your business, not just a sleek logo or trendy website. It’s the full Mother Monster that includes your brand voice, cohesive visual style and a clear understanding of your ideal client coming together to form your unique position in your industry. 

Butterflies in your stomach wondering "Is my business ready to become a brand? Am ready to take that leap?” The answer is HELL YES! Put on your “Poker Face,” step out on stage and make that “Money Honey!” Here are seven signs you are ready to headline your brand in your industry.



You’ve pounded the pavement, been through the wringer and from that, you’ve made adjustments, established processes and have a general workflow in place (even if that means color-coded post-its on your desk). It’s been the “Perfect Illusion” but you’re ready for more.


The beginning of the ride was up and down, then there was a steep incline in business (which rocked!), and now it’s still all good, but it’s also all the same. If you’re feeling stuck on the carousel, it’s a good sign it’s time to sink your “Teeth” into a brand refresh and rise your star to a new level.


The spark is real and your clients are “Dope!” They inspire you. You want to spend more time with them. And honestly, they keep asking you to do more stuff for them anyway so why not make it a win-win situation? (read: sell clients more services and products.) 


“Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Your clients are draining you and the spark has flickered out. Feeling underwhelmed by inquiries and disenchanting leads, you’re definitely ready to find new clients. You desperately want to swipe right on the kind that recognize your amazing talents and make you feel badass again.


“Hello, Hello!” Charge. What. You’re. Worth. It’s time. You’ve put in the hours to learn your craft, honed your niche but still not charging what you know you’re worth. The trick is making sure your brand backs up your perceived worth with potential clients to support your pricing. Honestly, you could be only a few tweaks away from earning your dream income.


It's bullsh*t. You’re wiser, better and not going anywhere. You’ve got killer systems, established clout and you’re in it to win it. It’s time to take a stand and refocus the spotlight on your business. You already have a “Million Reasons” for clients to book you, the next step is being sure your brand is up to date showcasing your services in a way that is undeniable. You think Gaga would let someone take her spot? Absolutely, not! It’s time to take it to the EDGE!


You’re the boss/the brains/the creative and you’re finally at a place where you can really embrace that. Your team is fab, your systems flow (mostly) and now you can take a step back, look at the bigger picture and do the top-level dreaming & decision-making to get there. Our businesses are a “Love Game” of give and take. Too often they just take, take, take our time and our energy but now is the moment for you to give yourself the business you truly earned and deserve. It’s easier than you may think...

Scored high on the list and asking what does it take to make your brand fierce AF? Answer: A solid foundation and a “Goody Goody” glam squad to help you shine. Editor’s Edge develops and defines your Brand’s Style and Voice with our customized guides. Supply your team with the internal tools required to present a cohesive image and voice. Together, we’ll systemically lay the groundwork to strengthen your brand, knock out the competition and attract your fan club. It’s "You and I", baby… We’re here for you. No judgments. Just mad support.


over to your screen of choice and 
schedule a free brainstorming session on the “Telephone."
(…even better if you can get Beyoncé on the line too!)


You're Moving Fast, But Are You Moving Forward?


You're Moving Fast, But Are You Moving Forward?

photo: Peter Lindbergh

photo: Peter Lindbergh


You're Moving Fast, But Are You Moving Forward?

Looming deadlines. Uninspiring projects. It’s hard to stay upright against autumn’s blustery winds. And even easier to lose sight of the big picture while your spinning in circles during this busy season. This month, Editor’s Edge challenges you to ask all the right questions to get your business moving in the right direction. Fret not, we’ll provide the guidance to elevate your brand and stand against the odds. Your flyaways will be tamed in no time!



From athleisure to see-through silhouettes to sexy sleeves, these Fall 2019 fashion shows strutted their way into our stylish hearts.

🙌 to, Editor’s Edge client, Syed Yaqeen for braving the photo pit.

Theia   photo: Syed Yaqeen

photo: Syed Yaqeen

Inbal Dror   photo: Syed Yaqeen

Inbal Dror
photo: Syed Yaqeen

Kelly Faetanini   photo: Editor’s Edge

Kelly Faetanini
photo: Editor’s Edge


Jenna Bush Hager embraces her twin sister Barbara. photo:  Paul Morse

Jenna Bush Hager embraces her twin sister Barbara. photo: Paul Morse


Paul Morse, what brought you to the Edge?

“Trust! My work is based on it. Simply defined as the firm belief in someone's ability, trust is an experience I share with my subjects, clients and any creative team I am a member of. From weddings to memorial services, it is an honor to continually be trusted by the Bush family to capture their family's life events. In turn, I continually trust Editor’s Edge to pinpoint the best in my 17 yrs of commercial and wedding work to spotlight and clarify my vision."


Image 1.jpg

An ironic thing happened this summer. Back in August, I attempted some work/life balance with a family vacay to Disney World. (Which we all know is a lot more work than…actual work!) While we were there, I took my son on the Carousel of Progress. 

photo: Thomas Whiteside

photo: Thomas Whiteside




Oh what a night! Amy Shey Jacobs, of Chandelier Events, took the wedding industry on a loving trip around the world…and a rotating platform for the ultimate 360 video selfie. Just call us “Chandelier’s Angels!”

🙌 to The Knot team and all their talented collaborators.




Next month, Editor’s Edge is guiding you to the 7 Signs to Know You’re Ready to Take it to the Next Level. 

Stay tuned…you’ll be “thankful” you did!

Can’t wait?!
Want to level up now?






photo: Kristian Schuller

photo: Kristian Schuller


Ready to take charge of the fall semester before the bell rings

It's almost the 4th quarter, which means we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed and time-crunched to get it all done before the bell rings on 2018. Feeling like you need to cram? We get it! But don’t worry, as part of the Editor’s Edge squad, we’re slipping you out notes with all the insider tricks to master your calendar and slay your end of the year business goals.

Get ready for that final A; you’re going straight to the head of the class!




Trying to get your social life in check this year? Here’s one of our little secrets for managing your Instagram with ease. Planoly lets you layout and schedules your posts in advance, so you never have to worry about having the right image at the right time. Whether you're feeling uninspired or have posting insecurity, reach out, we always have Editor's Edge advice that will make you shine online! 


Stop getting distracted by the latest J.Crew sale and get your assigned reading in order! Sanebox trains and sorts your emails into custom folders so you can easily find what’s worth your time…like the recent Letter from the Editor!


If you’re trying to meet up with clients (and friends), let Acuity Scheduling do the hard work. Set your schedule and let others coordinate a time that works best for them - no more back & forth planning e-mails clogging your in-box. Want to see Acuity in action? Get yourself on the Editor’s Edge 30-minute complimentary call calendar!


For the to-do list enthusiast, Dropbox Paper will make sure you and your team are (literally) on the same page! Outline & assign tasks (with deadlines) and keep tabs on who’s doing what – you’ll feel SO satisfied as you ✓ every little box. 


Are random folders of random images wallpapering your desktop? From viewing to categorizing, Photo Mechanic is a game-changer for all creative business owners to get your visuals in order. Just think how much time you’ll save gathering your images to submit to Editor’s Edge for curation!

Time may not feel like it’s on your side, but we are! 

So don't feel like you have to do it all alone. Thankfully, unlike high school, Editors Edge is a judgment-free zone with a book of gold stars to hand out to all of our creative friends. Pass us a note, and we'll get you to the head of the class with compelling imagery, a clear brand voice and most importantly attracting new clients for 2019.

Office Hours are Now Open!



Cozy, Content, and Feeling Guilty?


Cozy, Content, and Feeling Guilty?

photo: unknown

photo: unknown


Wrap a towel around yourself and get over it.

As you stare happily out onto the sea with the summer sun on your skin, you might be wondering, “Is my business where I want it to be?” Fair question. It’s important to hit pause and check in. Once you realize that yes, you’re right where you want to be, don’t start feeling guilty! Just remember… 

Happiness is where you are.

Now it’s not all smooth sailing & coconut trees - you have to be honest with yourself. But in doing so, don’t lose sight of what’s important to you. For some that may mean choosing not to expand into the national “luxury market” when the local “lovely market” feels just right. For others, the hard-knock hustle is what makes it all worthwhile. Wherever you fall, don’t apologize for knowing what you want instead of conforming to everyone else’s definition of “success.” 

Buuuut let’s not forget, “comfort is the enemy of progress,” so don’t get too snug too soon. Do settle into your business skin (that’s how authentic brands are made); don’t settle for status quo when the newbies come to your market (that’s how companies get forgotten). Stay on your toes! Keep a pulse on your market and a continuous focus on your business (not just in the day to day) to hold on to your slice of happiness. Editor’s Edge can refine your brandtarget your ideal clients and make sure your voice stands out above the industry chatter to keep you at the top of your game. 

Once you discover your professional sweet spot add in your personal goals to build your business around the life you want to be living. Whether that means being on the road most weekends of the year or absolutely not living out of a suitcase, define specifically what your #bestlife looks like.  Now put business and pleasure together, flip it and reverse it to map out your road to cozy contentment. 

Want to kick back guilt free as soon as possible? 


We can get you there. 
Let’s get cozy!



Are you feelin' yourself?


Are you feelin' yourself?

photo: Ellen von Unwerth

photo: Ellen von Unwerth


...or is it time to express yourself?

We know that when it comes to your business there’s an internal struggle between fitting in and letting your bright light shine. Sometimes we follow trends hoping they’ll bring us clients, or say yes to certain (free) projects eager to fall in with the “right crowd,” all while neglecting our real beliefs. Well, guess what? It’s time to call bullsh*t on yourself and get real. Break the mold, show your true colors within your brand and the rest (i.e. the right clients) will follow.

Here are 5 things to ask yourself
to uncover your kick-ass self


ASK YOURSELF: Does looking at my branding make me throw up in my mouth a little?

EXPRESS YOURSELF: We won’t hold it against you if you made some long-ago decisions based on what was trending at the time, but you’ve moved past that now. Discover the brand style that really represents your work while also setting you apart from the crowd. It’s OK to skip the script font if you’re more of a san-serif person. In short, don’t just do what everyone else is doing.


ASK YOURSELF: Are there services I provide that I’ve come to hate?

EXPRESS YOURSELF: Just like everything else in the world, businesses evolve over time. Congratulations on growing your brand, that’s amazing! It’s also nothing to feel guilty about. Older clients and professional acquaintances may have gotten used to whatever xyz service you started with but it’s time to kick those to the curb if you’re #overit.


ASK YOURSELF: Does my social media look like a familiar collection of “pretty things?

EXPRESS YOURSELF: If you feel like you’ve seen-that-somewhere-before, then it’s because you’ve probably seen-that-somewhere-before. While it’s great to affirm how on-trend and with-the-times you are, it’s even better to flex your creative muscle and show potential clients what’s really going on in that beautiful mind of yours. After all, isn’t that why they would want to book you in the first place?


ASK YOURSELF: Do I resonate with the industry professionals I’m mingling with?

EXPRESS YOURSELF: Finding your "in-crowd" can be hard but not impossible Here’s the trick, you’ve got to unapologetically be yourself. Yes it’s cliché, but it’s also true. Swallow the self-conscious feelings (literally everyone is awkward here), drop your guard, and look around the room. We bet you’ll find that “your people” were all around you the whole time.


ASK YOURSELF: Who am I really speaking to?

EXPRESS YOURSELF: Make sure what you’re saying isn’t landing on deaf ears. Go beyond basic demographics, dig into details to understand your dream clients and have a real conversation about the specific things that matter to them. Remember, when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

The journey to uncovering your inner badass can be tricky. So if some of these questions prompted a couple more questions, don’t fret.


We’re really good at helping
you express yourself.
Ask away!


Like a Boss: Directing 101


Like a Boss: Directing 101

photo: Zee Nunes

photo: Zee Nunes


It’s MORE than just “management.”

Whether it’s the assistant that doesn’t understand timelines or the one who can’t get it right the first (or second) time, we find ourselves going in circles to get sh*t done when there’s way bigger fish to fry. So what’s the catch? Well, you might want to ask yourself, “Am I managing my team or directing them?” There’s a difference! As the boss, your agenda should be on top-level items: setting goals, providing tools, and defining success for your team. That then trickles down to your team, who should be managing themselves. It might sound easy in theory but we know it’s hard in practice (been there, done that, still doing it). Good news is we’ve got a few tips to get you rolling. 


The 4C’s of
Directing like a BOSS


BECAUSE: Unfortunately, we’re not all mind readers. Save yourself the annoyance of confusion and be crystal clear when talking about what you want and expect from your team. Bonus points for taking the time to understand the different ways each of your colleagues learns – whether they lean on visuals or need some examples, cater to their style and you’ll all find success sooner. 

BE WARNED: Let’s just say communication is the backbone of directing a team. Without it, you’re going to find yourself burning the midnight oil to catch up on the tasks that your team totally effed up.



BECAUSE: There’s no “I” in team, or in boss for that matter. Working together can unlock opportunities and solutions you couldn’t come to on your own. The sense of collectiveness will also instill responsibility and ownership in your employees. They’ll feel more invested in your business, which is always a good thing.

BE WARNED: A “my way or the highway” style of micro managing will get you nowhere fast. Not only is it totally annoying but also completely inefficient (see above: you have bigger fish to fry). Empower your team and make them feel they have something to add. Which they do! Otherwise, why did you hire them?



BECAUSE: Give credit where credit is due. When it comes to team members, you’re not only building a positive rapport but also giving them a boost of confidence to keep doing great work! Pro tip: it’s the cheapest way to increase employee morale. Regardless of who you are, positive reinforcement will always make you feel like a million bucks. 

BE WARNED: Lack of accolades isn’t great for company morale…or employee retention…or your continued efforts to find your Zen. We’re big believers in the power of positive reinforcement so why not check your ego at the door and give credit where credit’s due. A little goes a long way.



BECAUSE: One word: GROWTH. As the boss, for better or worse, it’s part of the gig to support growth in our team members. Honest feedback delivered in a clear and encouraging way will truly resonate with your team to push them to improve and do better work. All that equals less micro managing and more time dedicated to important boss stuff…like finding the perfect LBD for your next speaking engagement. 

BE WARNED: Cue resentment. Without critique, your team can’t look back to look forward and set themselves up for success. Which is incredibly frustrating to them and it’s going to be incredibly frustrating for you too. Skip the passive aggressive hostilities by doling out advice that they can use to create an action plan to accomplishment.  

So to sum it up: Communicate, Collaborate, Compliment and Constructive Criticism. Rinse and repeat for team-fueled success and hard-earned BOSS freedom!


Ready to Call the Shots? 
This Way to Direct Success. 



WTF does that mean: Buzzword Breakdown


WTF does that mean: Buzzword Breakdown

photo: unknown

photo: unknown


We’re about to cut this one up seven times.

Bzz, bzz, bzz…sometimes the sound of trendy buzzwords is enough to have you reaching for the noise-cancelling headphones. We hear you! We’ll be the first to admit that we’re guilty of using the jargon (sorry!) and even roll our eyes at ourselves sometimes. –Scraaatch- We’re here to spin the top seven buzzwords our way so that they make sense for you.


Ready to take it to the bridge?



WTF DOES IT MEAN:  A targeted brand is what separates the big dogs in the overcrowded marketplace. The synergy of a cohesive visual style and unique brand voice makes a brand recognizable (in under 3 seconds) and memorable. 

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: It’s that clear understanding of brand that gives you the leverage to target and connect emotionally with your ideal client – leading to major $$. 

WHEN TO USE IT: When you know you’re ready to step up your game by turning your small business into a full-fledged brand.



WTF DOES IT MEAN:  Content is information packaged in a way (imagery, social media, newsletters, video etc.) that is used to tell a story, portray emotion, explain ideas and connect with people.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Whether you’re posting to Instagram or putting together your digital marketing materials (i.e. services brochure, online bio, etc.) you’re content is educating potential clients.

WHEN TO USE IT: To create a connection with your target client that convinces them you’re the right person for their unique needs.



WTF DOES IT MEAN: To curate means to sift through an assortment of similar things, select the best and organize for presentation. 

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Cutting through the crap to create a cohesive brand (and consistent content) that reaches clients in less than 3 seconds. 

WHEN TO USE IT:  In the context of building your business, you would curate your website galleries to feature the work that you want to be booking while removing the work that you’re moving away from…like Mason jar weddings, if that’s not your jam.



WTF DOES IT MEAN:  An ideal client is someone who you’ve qualified as most likely to benefit from (and purchase) your services and products. 

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR:  Working with clients that you actually like – cheers to that!

WHEN TO USE IT: Once you outline hyper-specific qualities about your ideal client, such as where they shop, what their favorite TV shows are, where they want to vacation next, you can target them with content that is certain to resonate.  



WTF DOES IT MEAN:  Creative direction is the act of guiding the overall concept for a project. This could be anything from overseeing the design for a website to physically being on set at a photo shoot.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: A great creative director takes a holistic approach to each project to make sure it’s cohesive across all channels, maintains brand taste levels and elevates the team while keeping client goals in mind the entire time.

WHEN TO USE IT: To direct a brand’s vision and goals turning them into reality with style (while removing that whole stress element from the project).



WTF DOES IT MEAN:  Signature images are the visual calling card to your brand. They should be images you share repeatedly because they represent the type of work that you want to be doing. 

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Using signature images consistently and repeatedly will
allow potential clients to recognize your brand immediately.

WHEN TO USE IT: When you want to visually define your brand. Remember, what you put out there is what you get back.



WTF DOES IT MEAN:  An influencer is a person who has a guiding affect on the purchasing decisions of others. Based on a relationship of trust, often built through social media, influencers are looked to for their “expertise” on certain topics.

WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR: Businesses and brands collaborate with influencers to promote their products and services in a more authentic manner; it should feel like a friend is recommending it. 

WHEN TO USE IT: Getting an invite to that next fomo-inducing FAM trip.



Add to the end of just about anything to make it a SUPER buzzword. 💪🏻 

For example: social media strategy, content strategy, email strategy, or mid-week
survival cocktail strategy.

Feelin’ like mixing things up?


So Frustrated You Could Scream?


So Frustrated You Could Scream?

photo: Marcus Ohlsson

photo: Marcus Ohlsson


Let it all out.

Oh March, roaring in like a lion with dreary cold weather that just won’t quit. We get it; all you want to do is break out of those winter business blues and fast-forward to spring. Unless you have a Plutonium-filled DeLorean, looks like you’ll be sloshing through the rest of the month with everyone else. Hold up, there is hope! Instead of watching your frustrations pile up alongside the muddy snow, we challenge you to look at them from a new perspective… 

Raise your hand if any of this

sounds familiar:

✓ My potential clients are so damn wishy-washy and take too long to close.

✓ I keep losing gigs to competitors who are in the same league as me.

✓ It’s time for a change. Is my next move a good one?

✓  Am I standing in my own way?

Sounds like “frustrated” is the new “F” word around here. The funny little thing about pent up grievances is that they obscure what’s really going on. That said, how can we step outside of our brands to see and reflect on these issues?


Are you hiding under the covers already? We know that receiving feedback is about the most intimidating thing on Earth but we promise it’s the secret to releasing frustrations. Now let’s clarify, that doesn’t mean you should run to your best-friend-in-the-whole-world and ask them to be blatantly honest about your work…because they’ll most likely tell you what you want hear, “It’s not you, it’s them!” We mean seeking a qualified critique from a truly experienced professional in your field (not just any hot young thing calling them self an “expert”). Think of it as the Tim Gunn treatment for your business – no bullshit. You wouldn’t leave the house with mismatched shoes so why would you let your brand look uncoordinated? Make it work. 

If you’re feeling the urge to break through these frustrations, our Content Consulting services are the solution. Editor’s Edge takes a holistic approach to your brand with your big picture in mind the whole time. Working together to (confidentially) discuss your concerns and define your goals, we build a realistic action plan made to differentiate and elevate your brand. Our honest and constructive critiques - we call it our “spoonful of sugar” method - pinpoint your unique strengths and dig into the holes to redefine your signature style. Your business is evolving all the time, and we’re here to guide you to a stronger brand built on your existing foundation.

Ready to flourish this spring? 

Let’s step up your game with a

complimentary call!



Falling in (and out of) Love with your Business

photo: Mark Shaw

photo: Mark Shaw



Let’s play True or False to find out…


1: Just the thought of marketing yourself and your business makes you throw up in your mouth a little bit: TRUE or FALSE?

2: You dream of a specific team of collaborators but don’t quite know how to connect with them: TRUE or FALSE?

3: When you look at your digital galleries, it’s a bit all over the place and even you aren’t sure what you’re selling: TRUE or FALSE?

4: You used to want to buy your clients a drink…now want to throw one in their face: TRUE or FALSE?

5: There’s a disconnect between how you envision your brand and how others see it: TRUE or FALSE? 


If you answered “True”
  to any of those questions, it’s time to
work through a few things.


Don’t sweat it; we all go through some emotional downs in our business (sometimes that leads to a side-hustle affair). Lucky for you, Editor’s Edge is a great relationship therapist. So just lay back (on our imaginary leather couch), read up and start fallin’ back in love with your brand.

WARD OFF NAUSEA: Authentic content is like ginger ale to ward off marketing queasiness. Create content that really connects with your ideal client and you’ll never have to bust out the barf bag again. 

PLAY THE FIELD (PROFESSIONALLY): Is there a special someone arranging flowers you have an Insta-crush on; or do you keep pinning images by the same art director? Reach out! Gush over how awesome they are (everyone loves a compliment) and propose a collaboration. It could be a match made in industry-heaven.

GET A (DIGITAL) FACELIFT: What you show is what you get. Sit down with Dr. 90210 to curate your perfect aesthetic. Giving your work a nip/tuck will make sure you’re keeping up with the (young) competition. 

EMBRACE EVOLVING RELATIONSHIPS: Your business isn’t as young as it used to be, you’ve outgrown a few those clients who want everything to stay the same – including your rates! They say people come into your life for a reason, and you’re grateful for the support from your long-time clients, but you’ve got to keep moving forward. Be clear in communicating who your brand is and the type of work you're (currently) accepting; we bet they'll start taking you out for drinks. 

SEE YOURSELF MORE CLEARLY: Mirror, mirror on the wall…we all know how that tale ends. There’s no magic apple for this one, only honest feedback will wake you up and get you on the right path. Soon enough everyone will be seeing eye to eye with your brand clearly. 

It’s about falling back in love with your work. From embracing a new (leaner) look to finding your tribe, being true to your brand will take a sad song and make it better. Soon enough you'll be singing it from the rooftops!

Still wondering, “where is the love?”


We’ll help guide your search, 
just take a seat on our comfy couch.



Nothing to do, no where to go-o-oh?

photo: Laura Dee

photo: Laura Dee


Come jam with us at these upcoming gigs!

Okay, so it’s not a tour per se but Editor’s Edge founder, Kristi Drago-Price is hitting the road to “perform" at a town (hopefully) near you.

She’s debuting in Vegas, honored to be presenting at WPPIthe largest US conference for Wedding & Portrait Photographers. Hit the jackpot in sin city with the link below for a free expo pass or a 15% discount on Photo Walks, Plus Classes and Master Classes.

Jet over to Connecticut and catch Kristi at Inspire Photo Retreat for that much-needed boost of creativity. And if you lost it in Vegas, we got you; use code “INSPIREDBYKRISTI” to save $50 on registration!

Looking to get back up to speed? Sail over to Maine for the final presentation at the Relevant Workshop where we’ll be catching up on current industry trends…and crushing some lobstah rolls.


If you’ve been feeling a little holed up this
winter (we’re looking at you, 
solo-entrepreneurs) join us!

Kick it with Kristi and other like-minded creatives. She’ll be talking about curating your visual presence, connecting with your target clients and unapologetically living your brand. Come for the content, stay for the humor (and cocktails) and leave with insights that you can put into play immediately.

Be there or be square - get your tix below!




Should I Stay...

photo: Josh Olins

photo: Josh Olins


Out with the old, in with the new.

That’s so 2017. Last year had its ups and downs but now it’s time to go full speed ahead into 2018! Did you take a time out in December to reflect on your successes (and learn from your f*ck ups)? Then let’s rock ‘n’ roll because you’re about to kick this year in the a**.

What’s our game plan? 

Kicking out the old, embracing the new and
stepping into 2018 with some swagger!

Let us help get
your brand in formation



KICK IT:  First things first, let’s get the ball rolling! It can feel overwhelming to find a starting point but don’t let that paralyze you.

EMBRACE IT: Let the questions guide you. If you’re wondering whether your work is attracting the right clients or your Instagram needs a facelift ask the opinions of those you trust.

STEP IN: Did you find some clarity? Now it’s time to really refine it to drive change this year. Our 1C Consult can get you to that aha moment with some real talk constructive criticism that’ll empower you to get into action (like, now).



KICK IT:  Vision boards are cute but ditch them for a more intentional Brand Mood Board this year. Honestly, pasting a picture of Kit Harrington on your wall isn’t getting you any closer to that Game of Bones anyway. 

EMBRACE IT:  Start with what gives you and your ideal clients the feels and go from there. Research for color palettes that you like, inspirational images (Pinterest is a rabbit hole of redundancy so look for eye candy outside of your field) and photos from your real work that remind you why you’re a rockstar. 

STEP IN:  Are you seeing a common thread come together? Ding-ding, your brand is getting it’s groove on, visually. Our Brand Style Services take it a step further by curating your brand’s Signature images, identifying inspirational images that craft a visual representation of your ideal client and tying those together with a complementary color palette and typeface guide. No more mix and match style branding!



KICK IT: Quit the small talk. It’s time to figure out what you’re really trying to say instead of skirting the issue. No more Mr. Ambiguous Guy (or Gal).

EMBRACE IT: There’s no time to waste, you’ve got to talk the talk to walk the walk with your ideal client. We’re not saying you have to be an a-hole but there’s no use in trying to please everyone. Besides, you’ll be much happier when you can speak freely.

STEP IN: Cut through the chitchat and strike up a real conversation with your target client. Our Brand Voice Guide helps you use your words and find your message in a way that your perfect client understands. Bonus, for those who hate bragging about themselves, we can write up a bio that would make your frenemies jealous.



KICK IT: If you’re still slinging the same old marketing materials from Y2K, do the planet a favor and recycle them…now. With the way clients are absorbing informationand making purchasing decisions these days, it’s time to upgrade.

EMBRACE IT: “Curated Content” – it’s the buzzword that isn’t going anywhere. From tailored brochures to streamlined proposal templates, the branded content you put together is what’s going to power your business. 

STEP IN: Your marketing materials need to be pulling double duty – communicating your brand visually and delivering important information (i.e. how much you need to get paid) quickly to your client. With our Custom Marketing Materials we brainstorm together to figure out how to break down your services into easily digestible concepts, turn them into branded assets (think digital brochures, pricing pamphlets and client onboarding documents) and deliver them with a ribbon on top (ribbon by request only). No more long-winded, over-stuffed BS – just your brand message, clear, simple and easy to book.



KICK IT: New Year, new you. We know; we’ve been there. But seriously, it’s time to kick the procrastinating once and for all. 

EMBRACE IT: Bust out the pen and paper because the tried and true solution for this one is goal setting. You have to take the time to establish priorities and how to game plan where you should be going. 

STEP IN: Truth be told, going at it alone as solo entrepreneur makes this particularly challenging but not impossible. Cue Creative Coaching! Bi-monthly consult calls help keep you on track (ahem, accountable) to those creative goals so you can work ON your brand and not just IN it. 


We’ve heard that parting is such sweet sorrow but there are some things worth saying goodbye to.


If you’re ready to kick it,
Editor’s Edge can get you
steppin’ in to the New Year!



Let's take a time out...

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Whether or not 2017 was your best year yet, give yourself a pat on the back for making it through with flying colors; another year in business is something to be seriously proud of (not everyone can do it)! We know the holidays are stressful but take a minute to reflect on your year in businessCelebrating the ups and reflecting on the downs is a really healthy habit (unlike all the holiday overeating we’re about to indulge in). While you’re mindlessly wrapping gifts, slowly pulling up to your in-laws, and happily sipping on some bubbly, take a mental break to look back on the good, the bad, and the ugly in order to look forward in January 2018.  

It’s been a long year. Need a nudge to get the ball rolling on reflection?

Here are 7 questions

to help you look back & tips to interpret

your answers to look forward in 2018!


LOOK BACK: Let’s dive right in, what was your biggest f*ck up of the year?

LOOK FORWARD: No one expects you to be perfect (except for yourself because you’re a type-A entrepreneur) but the important thing is learning from your mistakes. Could you have been better prepared for this one? Or perhaps it's time to accept that you can’t control everything. Either way, break this one down to see what you could have anticipated and how the aftermath could have been different.


LOOK BACK: We can’t help but pick a favorite, who was your darling client this year? 

LOOK FORWARD: You saw eye-to-eye, they let you flex your creative muscle, and you even enjoyed some laughs (and cocktails) along the way. What made you connect with this client so easily? Think back – where did you find each other, how can you recreate that client, what about them was so special? It’ll make your year fly by fantastically!


LOOK BACK: For every favorite client, there’s a nightmare one that comes by too, who was yours this year?

LOOK FORWARD: Sometimes it’s just not in the cards – and you might have even known that before you begrudgingly agreed to work together. 😬 What went wrong with this rotten apple? Why was everything such a to-do with them?  Maybe you need to listen to your gut more often or maybe you need to stop marketing to a-hole clients that are no longer a fit. 


LOOK BACK: We know you got social in 2017, what was your top performing post of the year?

LOOK FORWARD: Your social notifications blew up your phone, and that’s good, let’s aim for more of it in 2018! Figure out your top social channels and pinpoint your most engaging posts. Sometimes that means lots of likes and other times it means lots of comments. Find out which ones work for you and play around with them on social.  


LOOK BACK: We’re all balancing a bunch of different services at once, but which specific services/products of yours are selling the best? 

LOOK FORWARD: There’s no point in beating a dead horse, reflect back on the services your brand offered this year. Figure out which ones booked most often, have the highest profit margins or are falling flat. Oh, and if there’s something you just don’t want to do anymore in 2018 send that horse off to pasture.


LOOK BACK: It takes teamwork to make the dream work, who was the top performer on your team this year?

LOOK FORWARD: Getting the right people in the right places is crucial for making big moves in 2018. Thinking back on your team this past year, was there an all-star performer? What did they do that made business so great and how can you replicate it across the team? Putting in best practices with your staff can make a world of a difference!


LOOK BACK: They like you, they really like you! What was the biggest compliment you received (from clients or otherwise) this year?

LOOK FORWARD: Cheers to you because we know clients and colleagues are raving about your brilliant work this year. Now that you’ve let those compliments sink in, which one(s) do you remember the most? Overthink them, break down what was said and flesh out how to can get your 2018 special sauce simmering to rack up those high fives!


Did your answers lead to more questions? Our 1C might be just what you need to help you look forward.


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Cut the Crap Out & Connect with your Client


Cut the Crap Out & Connect with your Client



Let’s talk some real shit…there’s a lot of crappy content floating around out there!

Content creation? It’s one of those time-consuming tasks that often gets pushed further and further down the "I should do" list. But there’s hope because we’ve got a little secret to make content work for you. Make it niche, make it specific and target it to your precise client.

Let’s consider Poo~Pourri, “The World’s Best Before You Go Spray,” which has made a business out of your business. Ten years, one viral marketing campaign and a valuation of $300 million, it seems like they’ve got their shit together. All poop-puns aside (forgive us, it’s too much fun!), Poo~Pourri is taking a traditionally taboo-topic, applying hilarious branding, hyper-targeting their audience and sparking up content around poop that’s paying the bills.

How are they doing it? Let’s get some pointers from Poo~Pourri…

WARNING: Potty mouth humor below 💩 

Case Study:
Getting under the Lid with Poo-Pourri

1. Content: Video
Connection: This shit is entertaining! From their very first viral video, Girls Don’t Poop, Poo~Pourri has been showing it like it is, bringing up relatable situations that might strike a chord with familiarity. And they do it with flair! They’re not laughing at us; they’re laughing with us.
Copy That: Make your client feel like you GET them. Yes, being on camera can be intimidating but start small with Instagram Stories or Facebook Live and see how your core audience reacts. Editor’s Edge Tip: Please don’t record while sitting on the toilet!

2. Content: Imagery
Connection: Poo~Pourri brand photography is on point. Their look is consistent, their product styling is simple, yet cheeky, and their overall online and social experience is consumer-friendly.
Copy That: We are ALL about the imagery. Take a minute to re-assess your brand’s photography. Does it all flow together? Does it tell a cohesive visual story? Customers have to understand your offer in 3 seconds or less – on all your channels. Curate imagery to be uniquely your brands!

 3. Content: Instagram
Connection: Okay, if Poo-Pourri can have a good looking Instagram we don’t want to hear why yours looks like shit. They balance curated images, product photos and on-brand pull quotes (even building in client feedback – so smart!) in their feed sparking a conversation around their product without asking for a purchase every post – because people are tired of that crap.
Copy That: What is your brand all about? Consider what related topics your ideal client is interested in, show and talk about that too! You’re way more likely to create that connection and grow your followers once you establish something in common.

4. Content: Thought Pieces
Connection: Who knew there were so many content-friendly topics related to poop? Well, there kind of weren’t until Poo~Pourri made them up. Clicking into their “Throne Diaries” blog you’ll find topics like “Bathroom 2.0,” talking about bathroom trends, and “It’s Only Natural,” which goes into the science behind number 2.
Copy That: Your core audience is coming to you because you know your shit! Consider yourself a thought leader in your niche. We bet you can come up with tips, tricks and some “on-no-she didn’t” stories to entertain your crowd! Soon enough you’ll be known as the certified go-to person for your industry.

 5. Content: Voice
Connection: To say that we LOL-ed at least ten times while on Poo~Pourri’s site would be a conservative estimate. They know what they’re selling (it’s a bit awkward), and they went all in on it…to major success! Silly snippets are scattered across their site (ex. “Flush yeah!”) and social copy, making it very fun to talk poop.
Copy That: We LOVE a good brand voice, and Poo~Pourri is the shit when it comes to speaking to their core audience. Do a self-assessment on your brand, your brand’s personality and how you would literally “talk” to your client if your brand came to life. Making that conversation real and authentic is how to cut through the crappy chatter to find your core audience!

Feeling relieved?
Time to wash your hands and



The Answer is YES, you ARE ready

Yes, you are ready | Editor's Edge | Newsletter


Ever heard of Stephanie Germanotta? Maybe.
Ever heard of Lady Gaga? Definitely!

Guess what…they are one and the same. Lady Gaga’s wild success story is not just the result of her incredible song and dance talent, but also a tale of branding. She leveraged her character from the stage to social media (and many channels in between) to create a feeling and a bond with her community that can’t be recreated.

THAT is the power of a “brand.”

So, what do we mean; what is a brand? Let’s start with what it’s not – just a logo and website. A brand is the distilled essence of your company. Anything from your brand voice, to cohesive visuals and a clear understanding of your ideal client comes together to form your unique offering. 

Example: if you’re a photographer, what’s your artistic strength; a wedding planner, how do you visually showcase your skill set; a floral designer, who exactly is your clientele?

You may feel lost and kind of nervous…"Is my business ready to become a brand? Am I ready to take that leap?”  We’re here to help with…

7 Signs to Know You're Ready to
Take it to the Next Level

This ain’t your first rodeo, you have seen some sh*t. And from that you’ve made changes, established some processes and have a general workflow in place (even if that means color-coded post-its on your desk).  

At the beginning it was ups and downs, then there was the growth stage (which was the best!) and now it’s still all good but it’s also all the same. If you’re feeling a little bored, it’s a good sign it’s time to light the fire.

And you want to spend more time with them (read: sell clients more services.) And honestly, they keep asking you to do more stuff for them anyway so why not make it a win-win situation?

It’s been a blast (or, maybe not) and you’re grateful...but you’re ready to find new clients. Like the kind that recognize your amazing talents and make you feel good.

It’s not all about the money but you did some math and in this case, it’s about the money. In actuality its all about your perceived worth with potential clients and that’s about to change $$

You’re the boss/the brains/the creative and you’re finally at a place where you can really embrace that. Your team is awesome, your systems flow (mostly) and now you can take a step back, look at the bigger picture and do the top-level dreaming & decision–making to get there. 

It’s bullshit. You’re wiser, better and not going anywhere. You’ve got a killer business (proven), established clout (people KNOW and LIKE you) and you’re in it to win it. It’s time to take it to the EDGE!

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